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{ lyrics from ' bad ' - the cab }

| ❤ | so before anything, I want to tell you all that from now on, y'all will be seeing a set promoting products of
I was lucky enough for them to message me and gave me a partnership with them where I make sets for them and exchange, they will give me credits and commission and gaah this is so exciting for me. c':

| ❤ | and then to top it all off, I woke up for yet another set of mine to be included in the top sets on polyvore for today. c':
I am very thankful for that. c':

| ❤ | I was supposed to do homework today, but I didn't. oops. cx
I don't want to go back to school monday. I'm sick of school already. gahh. xc
but yeah, imma try and do my homework now. cx
byee. muah. cx

do my links?


#yeeyee #mehthissetiscooliguess #strawberriesarecool

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