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okay story time!
so ive kinda freaked out a couple of wasnt good... but anyways when i was freaking out i dicovered many thing.
1. i dont want to with my class anymore
2. i want to go to boarding school
3. i want to go to a certain boarding school. (im not going to mention the name because of issues)

problem is:
1. its a really good schoo, so i have to study suuuper hard if i wanna scholarship
2. its super expensive (hense the scholarship)
3. i doubt my parents will let me go. 

the thing is- i know somebody who is most like;y going there (also not mentioning names) so that couls possibly be good when im trying toadvertise it to know when i tell them im even thinking about it...

yeahhh well if you have any ideas pleeeeease tell 
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