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I just am in love with neons this season. And this dress is incredible <3

May 17th: It seems as if it’s warming up now, which means we need to get out every once in a while. On your lunch break, head over to the farmer’s market for some fresh produce for lunch. Tag along with a friend and enjoy the weather.

"Hey, anybody wanna head over to the farmer's market with me?" Cassandra asked, peeking her head in my office, smiling widely. "I'm dying for some peaches."

"You would be," Scarlett said in passing by. 

I could see Cassandra's mouth twitch and I wasn't sure what that was about, but she didn't say anything. Scarlett stopped outside my door too and raised an eyebrow. "Well? Let's go."

"You're coming?" Cassandra asked, slightly tight-lipped.

"I'm hungry," she said simply, and went to go grab her purse.

"You wanna come, Gracie?" she asked me, hopeful. 

"Um, sure," I answered because she was sweet and Scarlett was a b-tch. I didn't want them to be stuck together. And I could stick up for Cassandra if I needed to.

We all started across the street, and I felt incredibly overdressed for the farmer's market. I felt overdressed for work even. I always overdressed. But I felt like my fancy clothes covered up my massively unfancy secret.

"So, any new recruits?" Cassandra asked me as we turned the corner. She turned fully toward me, leaving Scarlett behind us, texting away on her million year old BlackBerry.

"I talked to a guy yesterday, he seemed cool," I said. "Who knows, I meet him today at three."

"Oh, I'm excited! We need some new guys. I mean, with /talent/," she smirked. I liked Cassandra. She was nice. And she wasn't too pushy like that Colbie girl was sometimes. Like she wanted to know more about me. But I wouldn't tell her.

"We're here, yippee," Scarlett said with so much sarcasm I could've smacked the glob of it out of her mouth. "I'm going for the granola." She made a beeline for the opposite side of the tent and Cassandra glanced at me.

"Honestly, I'm glad she doesn't want peaches too," she smiled. 

"Me too," I agreed. "She doesn't deserve peaches."

Cassandra and I laughed as we headed for the peach table, covered in orange fuzzy fruits. I picked one up, smoothing my thumb over its skin. It smelled perfectly ripe and was just the right amount of soft under my grip.

"I'll take two," Cassandra told the man behind the table.

I was just about to pick up two myself when someone grasped my elbow from behind and pulled me toward a shrouded corner of the market.

"What the h-ll...?" I gasped. I spotted Cassandra several feet away, looking for me. But then I looked into the eyes before me and noticed it was Gabe.

"What the h-ll are you doing?!" I screeched in a whisper, rubbing my elbow. "We're in public!"

"Sorry about that princess," he breathed in the most unapologetic tone he could muster. His smoky voice enveloped me and I coughed, despite the sweet scent it held. "But you owe me from last week."

"You've got to be kidding me. We did a trade, remember?" I said, my face growing hot with annoyance. "I gave you some X that I got from Shane."

"I didn't want that," he said in a harsh whisper. "It wasn't a fair trade."

"Yeah it was, you b-stard," I told him, pulling away from him. Cassandra was really close now, still searching for me. "Get the h-ll away from me."

"You owe me 5K!" He hissed. "And now you owe me a little something else," he continued in a suggestive manner, staring right at my chest. 

"You're a sick man wh-re," I replied, smacking his scraggly bearded face and stumbling out from behind the bushes. I smoothed over my dress and tapped Cassandra on the shoulder, acting like I'd been there the whole time.

"Hey, where have you been?" I asked, a little out of breath. 

"Me? What, I was looking for you!" She chuckled. "Scarlett already headed back to the office without us. Figures."

"Well, I say that's a good thing," I smiled, wishing I'd had time to buy my own peach. "Want to grab some Starbucks before we go back? That peach didn't fill me up."

"Sure," Cassandra nodded, and we started down Main Street.

I hoped Cassandra couldn't feel the lie on me. I hoped Gabe would just forget about it. If he didn't, it wouldn't end up pretty. For anyone.

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wonderful ! a pure perfection♥♥♥

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Awesome Look!

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great styling of the awesome dress)))))

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AHHH Taylor this story is so amazing, I absolutely love it!! We should definitely do a collab sometime :)))

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Congrats, sweetie!

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love the colours!!!

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Include Cassandra, please. Incredibly friendly and caring and helpful. :)

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Gorgeous, honey!

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Karlie Kloss looks so 'caught' in those pictures, love it and the I love the difference between the black and white photos and the GORGEOUS colour blocking in the outfit. Looking like pink lemonade ;) Amazing set, Taylor!

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this is so gorgeous dear i love your style from this !!!!!

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Wonderful set!!!!

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woooww so amazing set

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splendid :)

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I love her! Great set!

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Gorgeous as always!! Looove the colors --so eye popping! :D

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@diegolohve THANK YOU ah I want that case it's amazing <3

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