i wanna hold her, i wanna kiss her

lenora potter
age: 23
bio: as a kid, lenora was always the innocent, shy one. she had the girls as friends, and that's about it. she was fine with that, because she was the type of person who was used to being alone. her twin sister jane was popular and had all the boys, and she bounced back and forth between both parents after their divorce. she used to sit at home, writing, while everyone else went to parties, got drunk, and did all the typical high school routine. that all changed though when lenora went to college. she experienced all the firsts; parties, drinking, and love. she met damien, the love of her life, or so she thought, who may just have a history she doesn't know about. although things have been getting pretty serious between the two, who knows where it might lead. for now, lenora is enjoying her tiny apartment in the city, and studying english with a minor in music.
model: lily donaldson


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i love thisssss!!!!

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I love the collection!

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thanks! @withlove-kirsten @curious-and-young
sorry @buds-over-studs i completely forgot to tag you as well!

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I absolutely love this!!

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love this!

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