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Hey, you, person who’s struggling with something that seems to block everything else out, something that seems greater than all the good in your life. I want to tell you a few things.

It’s okay to be hurting. In fact, it’s one of the most human things that can be happening. Just because you’re sad, or scared, or feeling alone or trapped, doesn’t make you any less beautiful, any less you. And did you know? There’s someone out there, be it someone you’ve known your whole life, or someone whose life you’ve only touched once, who absolutely loves you. They love you if you’re sad, if you’re angry, if you’re hurting or scared or feeling alone. They love you, and they’ll tell you this: It’s okay to be hurting, because they love you, and they won’t stop loving you.

But also know this: This isn’t all there is. For every bad thing that happens, there’s a good thing, too. Sometimes these good things take longer to be realized, but they’re there. And when you do experience them, they’ll light up your beautiful face with your beautiful smile, even if just for a moment. Don’t focus on the bad, for the bad doesn’t last forever; it’s always broken by that smile, that sparkle in your eye. It doesn’t last forever.

Celebrate and cherish those little things that make you happy. Don’t let them get taken away. Keep smiling, keep fighting for what you love. Hold onto those things.

I think you, you who’s reading this now, are a beautiful, strong, amazing person with so much to offer. You’re a fighter, because you’ve made it through every day that you thought was the hardest day of your life. You’ve made it through your lowest points, through every battle that you thought was hopeless. You’re a fighter who’s never given up. I’m proud of you, for getting through every little skirmish and every huge battle. I’m so proud of you.

And it’s okay if you needed help along the way. That doesn’t make you any less, either. In fact, that makes you a hero, because every hero has a fantastic sidekick. Go you, hero!

So you, person who’s struggling right now. It’s okay to be hurting, because it makes you human. But this isn’t all there is, so keep fighting for the good in your life. It will come, it’s coming right now, and then you’ll smile that beautiful smile and get the strength you need to keep fighting, and the people that love you, the people like me that are so proud of you, will be right there to cheer you on.

Stay gold,(・ω・)ノ

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