SATURDAY DECEMBER 18: We are all going to watch the beloved Nutcracker Ballet. Dress in your best and get ready for an amazing show.

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I sighed as the lights turned on, indicating the end of the first half.
I turned to Daviegh who was sitting next to me on my left, "Ballet's are really f.cking boring."
Her eyes widened, "What?! It's amazing!"
"I wouldn't really know. I fell asleep after the first five minutes."
"Daisy! That's horrible."
I shrugged, "You're just lucky i don't snore....did i miss a lot?"
"Kind of," She began talking about everything i missed as i tuned her out. I really didn't give a I really wanted this to be over so i could go to David's. The one thing i realized is that when you're not living together, it's a lot harder to find time together. We hadn't seen each other in five days. ".....and that's about all you missed."
I nodded like i had been listening the whole time, "Thanks for filling me in. Maybe i can actually stay awake this half."
"I bet if you actually watch it you'll love it."
"That might be pushing it a little. In case you didn't know, the arts aren't really my thing. I'm more of a going out and getting drunk off my ass type of person," I said honestly.
"Yeah, i've heard." 
I shrugged, "I'm not going to deny it. Just like i'm sure you're not going to deny that you're the type that loves ballets and all this i right?"
She nodded, “I danced has Clara when I was younger, in the London ballet. My mother wanted me to be a ballerina.” 
“Oh really?” 
“I have the pictures.” She said, trying not to laugh.
Since we had awhile until the second half began we headed to the cafe in the theater and took a seat, getting some hot chocolate.
“So how are you and David?” She asked.
“I think we’re good. I’m just really busy, with the new opening and stuff.” 
“The opening was great last night by the way," She smiled.
“As busy has it was, I did see you and Will in the corner," I said while wiggling my eyebrows. 
She blushed, rolling her eyes, “Why is everyone so…” She snapped her fingers, looking for the word. “I mean why is everyone so interested in me and Will?” 
“Well honestly we all love gossip, and we’ve all been waiting for Will to get a girlfriend for the past few months.” 
She laughed softly and shook her head, “I’m n-not. Me and Will aren’t dating.” 
“Yet,” I said as the bell went off, signaling that the second half was about to start and we got up, starting to head back into the theater. “Do we have to watch the second half?” I groaned, pouting.
She laughed, “Yes, we’re going to watch the second half. Maybe after we’ll just go shopping.” 
“I’ll be looking forward to that the entire show.” 
“Well maybe that’ll keep you awake.”
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