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June 9th: Free day! Yay. The teachers decided they’d rather get pissed at the local pub instead of teaching us. So we’re all going on a day trip to Cali! Say goodbye to Skyscrapers and say hello to warm weather. We’re going on an airplane so be sure to behave correctly. Yeah right...

"California?" Mr. Franco asked me shocked. He wanted me to do some college work for him in school with some group he created instead of going to Cali.


I shifted on my feet.
Here's the thing...me and school? We don't mix. I hate the enviorment. I hate the hallways. The teachers.
I usually don't show up...but I have straight As. Yeah, it's easy. I don't know.

"You're going to Cali on a school day?"

"I guess." I mumbled. He gave me a suspicious look.

"You know, you're my best English student, Harlow. But your attendance and your attitude with the other students just don't mix."

"My attitude?"

"Are you even friends with any of the other students?" I blushed.

I didn't have many friends in my classes. All the other girls had the same teachers as me, but different hours. I hate the kids I have to look at in all of my classes though. They're stuck up. And I bet you they've never even touched a cigarette.


I didn't answer Mr. Franco and he sighed.

"I'd like to meet with your parents before the trip."

"But we're leaving in 4 hours." I complained.

"Well, they should come quickly then."

"Well, unless you can contact God and find out how Jesus came back to life, that's a wee bit of a problem."

"Excuse me?"

"My parents are dead, dude."

Mr. Franco gasped. "Oh, I'm sorry."

"Me too."

After finally being able to leave school and go make a bag to leave this city, I whipped out my beat up cellphone.

I dialed my sister's phone.

"Hello?" she answered, annoyed.

"Where the hell are you? Where's the van?" I asked, pissed off. She was supposed the be waiting for me on the corner of the street.


"Maddie, what the fu-ck."

"We're in New Jersey..."

"What the hell? Doing what the hell?"

"We got a gig last minute with this awesome band-"

"Mad, you can't do that! The van is our fucking home! All my sh-it is with you in a whole other state and didn't say crap!"

"I'm sorry, Har. I'm sorry /I'm/ working my as.s off trying to make money for us to buy a decent home."

I rolled my eyes. "What, with your shitty band? I'm the one singing and playing in five different bands every night and living like I'm freaking homeless."

She sighed. "Harlow, listen-"

"Fu-ck youuu."

I hung up and stomped toward the corner where the dealers usually sat. 

"Give me something to smoke, will ya?" one of the guys gave me a handmade joint and I smiled.

"How much?"


"50? Ha. Give me four more and I'll give you 30."

He gave me four more and I gave him thirty bucks.

I walked away, already lighting my joint with glee.

And when I saw Matt walking away from me down the street, I lit up.

I snuck up on him, and jumped on his back.

"Holy sh-it!"

I giggled, and when he turned around, kissed him on the lips.

He laughed, sticking his tongue in there.

"Hey you." he said.


He wrapped his arm around my waist and we continued walking.

"Whatcha up to?" he asked.

"Just walking around the city like the hobo I am." 
He frowned. "Aw, what's wrong?" he teased.

I shrugged. "Everyone's going to Cali and they're gunna get wasted and have a blast I'm stuck in the city."

"Why can't you go?"

"'Cause my sister took the freaking van we live in with all my sh-it in it and she's playing in Jersey. And I'm supposed to go to the airport in 3 hours."

He thought for a moment. "You girls are still living in that van?"

I nodded. "With her whole freaking band, too."

He laughed. "Well, I don't like you sleeping with other guys in vans."

I shrugged. 

"Come live with me at my place."

I stopped walking. "Seriously?"

He nodded, grinning. "Yeah, it'll be awesome. I live alone, one bedroom, one bath. Pretty cool kitchen. We could have sex all the time..."

"Oh, I'm in."

He laughed.

"You...you really want me to move in with you?" I asked softly, looking up at him.

He smiled. "Yeah, Har. I want you to move in with me."

I smiled, kissing him again and again. We continued walking.

"I got paid today." Matt said, his arm wrapping around my waist again.


He laughed. "Let's go shopping for your wardrobe in California."

I rolled my eyes. "Are you crazy? I'm not letting you buy me anything."

"I never buy you anything," he said, looking down at me with a smirk, "Just once."

I shook my head. 

"C'mon, girls are supposed to /want/ guys to buy them stuff."

I laughed, "Yeah, gold diggers."

He rolled his eyes. "C'mon."

"Only if you come to Cali with me." I bargained.

"I thought it was a school trip." 

"Not at all, are you crazy?" he laughed. Matt's 18, but he skipped a grade, so he graduated last year already.

'Take a break from all the shows." I said, because that's what I was doing: going to Cali from a break from all the gigs. He thought a bit and nodded.

"Alright. Okay. Cali."

I grinned. "Awesome!"

He reached for my hand and began dragging me across the street.

"Alright, time for a Cali wardrobe. I'm think hippie." he said, laughing.

"Why hippie?"

"I miss the hippie you were when we met."
I laughed. Alright, Cali here we come.

- harlow.
[ahhhh, this story sucked. it didn't have a point, but whatever. :k anyone want to make plans with harlow in cali?]
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