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I made my way through the tables of the bar, trying to not fall from my sky high heels as I looked at Frankie with an apologetic smile plastered on my face. "Sorry I'm late." I sighed before slumping into a chair.
She shrugged and flipped her hair back, offering a smile, "It's okay."
I raised one eyebrow at her, surprised since late for her was never okay. "Just that? No barking like a mad puppy?" I asked as I tried to keep the mood light. Since Trey and I had broke up I had spent most of my days being miserable and hiding from the world, but after a week I had come to the conclusion that living like a hermit wasn't going to help and I was starting to miss my old self.
"You're forgiven." She said quietly, giving me a weird look.
"Don't look at me like that." I frowned, taking off my jacket and setting it on the back of my chair along with my bag as I avoided her gaze on purpose.
"How am I looking at you?" She questioned, raising one eyebrow as two glasses full of a pink drink landed on our table.
"Cosmo?" I finally grinned at her I reached for a glass, "I'm going to need something stronger than this if you want to get me drunk."
"You're welcome." She sighed as she bit back a smirk before turning all serious again, "How am I looking at you?" She repeated.
I took a sip from my drink, the alcohol burning down my throat in a way that was all too familiar lately, "You know...like you pity me." I said quietly, almost embarrassed to admit that out loud.
"Oh please don't be ridiculous." She shook her head, "I'm just worried...are you okay?"
I leaned into her from across the table, giving me my best pleasing look, "Can we talk about something more fun than my now ex boyfriend breaking my heart?" I begged as I tried to make it sound like nothing, wanting to keep a nice mood even if the thought of Trey alone killed me.
"Like what?" She asked suspiciously as she watched me closely.
I downed the rest of my drink with no hesitation, like it was water. "You and the british hottie." I said seriously, not wanting to be the kind of friend who's too busy on herself to not listen to the other person. I was going to confess my misery later.
"Here you go, I quite expected this moment" Frankie joked, looking at me with a smile. 
"Oh come on" I replied, crossing my legs with nonchalance. She looked at me through her lashes, scanning my face, and I got the feeling she was studying me, trying to read my expression that was as happy as fake. "Please." My lips turned in a weak smirk, but it did the trick and she nodded her head not before gulping down her cosmo all in a go. 
"I think I like him" She started, finally taking the courage to admit it. 
I giggled, ordering two shots of tequila to the bartender. She was getting an epic crush, we needed to celebrate...or maybe any reason to drink was the right one. She gave me a bad look, but I shrugged and raised a brow, "Tell me something I actually don't know." 
"He might like me back." 
I grinned widely, taking the two tiny glasses from the bartender and pushing one towards her carefully before raising mine, "To the alcohol, reason and resolution of every problem." 
She laughed at my words, "Amen." She downed her shot and so did I. 
"Now, where were we?" I asked with a wider smile. 
She groaned, "He asked me on a date." 
I widened my eyes, "Omg." I explaimed, feeling more excited than she was apparently, "That's fantastic Fran."
She bit her lip while her cheeks turned a dark shade of pink, "Yeah-"
"So, when is the big day?" I asked, wanting to know the details, then I ordered another round of tequila. 
I raised a brow looking at her, "Don't tell me you actually refused a date with one of the most delicious under 30 man at vogue".
"I did." She answered with her lips pursed tightly, looking at me like she was afraid I'd slap her.
I blinked my eyes at her, trying to think about a good reason to not go out with Graham. I found none. "Why for God's sake! Why???" I asked as I leaned into her, still not understanding why she was turning the poor man down.
"I suck at handling relationships." She sighed and pouted a little, probably trying to look like a puppy and avoid the lecture I was going to give her.
"Oh please don't be ridiculous." I rolled my eyes, reaching for the newly filled shot and tossing my head back as I downed it. I didn't even like shots, I was more a wine kind of person, but to get drunk faster? Shots were perfect. "When was the last time you were in a relationship?"
"It depends-"
"When was the last time you went on a date?" I cut her off, going on with pushing her into admitting that she was just scared.
She furrowed her brows, "It was-"
"Did you even have s.ex during the last year?" 
"Can you please let me talk, will you?" She snorted, narrowing her eyes on me but I wasn't impressed and I just shrugged. "Okay you make a point."
I raised one eyebrow, crossing my legs as I propped my elbow on the wooden surface, "I feel like a but is on its way."
"But." She smirked a moment before pouting again, "If I'll go out with him I'll just mess it up."
"There's nothing to mess up. You have nothing to lose." I said quietly and offered a smile, envying her a little because the beginning was always the best part of relationships. The excitement, the sleepless nights, the wide smiles...stars in your eyes and butterflies in your stomach. I missed that and I missed Trey, I thought for a second before focusing on my friend again. "Give him a chance Fran, it can't be that bad."
She smirked at me and the expression on her face killed me for how silly she looked. Silly, tipsy and wanting more, I guessed as she dropped her eyes to our already empty glasses, making me laugh a little. "These two ladies need something to drink away their problems." I said a little louder than I intended, looking at the young and cute bartender whose eyes were on me. 
Frankie cleared her throat and he awkwardly turned back to prepare two new shots. "When was he last time YOU dated, Jules?" She raised a brow while I crossed my legs and flipped my locks away from her face as I thought about it. My lips curled in a tight smile while my brows furrowed slightly...what kind of question was that? I had been with Trey for forever, of course I hadn't had a date in a while. "A real date, I mean." She added before I could even try to answer. 
My fingers moved to my chin as I got lost in my thoughts, "It feels like forever, really". 
She gave me a small smile either for my words or for how I was starting slurring a little. "Every guy with some sense would love to go out with you." She stated firmly and I just looked at her, confused. 
"Except for Trey who had enough of me, of course." I shrugged and she gave me an small nod, while the bartender finally handed us our drinks. "But I guess you're right." I tried to joke before empting the little glass all in a go and giving her a forced wide smile. 
She drank hers, tightening her lips. "I think I am always." She said eventually, her cheeks so red that her whole face seemed on fire.
"Right?" I raised one eyebrow, giving her an amused look, "More like never."
She waved her hand in the air, as if she was trying to get rid of my words, "That's not the point." She looked at me like she was about to say something really serious but just blinked at me instead.
"So what's the point wise woman?" I asked, propping my elbow on the wooden surface and leaning my cheek against my hand as I stared at her, a grin spreading on my face with no reason. Or it was the alcohol more likely.
"The point is, you can date any boy in the world..." She trailed off, looking lost again. She was so cute.
"Doubtful, but if I can you can too." I pointed out, sighing.
She let out a quiet groans and rolled her eyes at me, "I though we agreed on me being paired up with the British god."
I burst into a loud laugh, "Excuse me?!" I chocked out, beyond surprised by her words.
"I'm drunk. I'll deny everything I said tonight." She winked at me, looking pretty entertained by herself. "If I'll ever remember it."
"We should go out more Fran." I grinned, realizing how much I needed more time with her. She was nice, funny, silly and smart, she had everything you'd want in a girlfriend.
"Now that you're single we will." She answered quickly and even though I should have been used to that world by then I still felt a sting of pain in my chest, being single made me feel incredibly alone. "I mean, unless you're not too busy dating a different guy at night." She tried to lighten the mood and I was sure she had noticed how my expression had changed.
I forced a smile and rolled my eyes, "I won't. I couldn't ever...I don't feel like going on dates yet."
"What about Josh?" She asked carefully, but I could tell she was being eaten up by curiosity.
"What about him?" I retorted.
She shrugged, "You guys seem...closer, lately."
"We're just friends who work together too." I paused, pursing my lips, "He kissed me."
"What?!" She widened her eyes, looking beyond shocked.
"It happened once and it won't happen anymore." I said casually, trying to make it sound like it wasn't such a big deal...which it was actually.
"Oh, come on!!" Frankie exclaimed with a super big silly smile that made me giggle like a high school girl, "Is he a good kisser?" She asked, scanning my face. 
I shrugged casually, trying to ignore her even if I could feel my cheeks on fire. I didn't want to think about that kiss, it made me feel guilty for some f.ucked reason. 
She laughed louder while I tried to keep a straight face, unsuccessfully since she was being so silly and I was on my way to drunkland. "Of course he is. He is Josh Mathis." She stated after a minute, seriously, watching me as I kept silent. 
My glare on her finally turned into something else as I starting giggling like an idiot and next thing I knew we were both laughing like two absolutely crazy persons. 
She panted heavily, looking at me from under her lashes. "I'll say yes to Graham-" She announced, when we both stopped laughing. I raised a brow quizzically, wondering where this was going. "-only if you ask Josh for a date." She tossed her head to the side, looking absolutely delirious. 
My smile faded, I knew I couldn't keep that promise. "I'm not sure..." 
She leant into me to take my hand, tightening it, "You are young, funny and intelligent, not to say super gorgeous. You haven't dated since high school...You deserve it". 
I pursed my lips together as I played with a loose wisp of my hair, not wanting to argue with her when she was being so positive and playful. "You'll regret this tomorrow." I replied with a tiny smile. She shook her head with a confidence she had to thank tequila for, taking her phone and moving her fingers at the speed of a sleeping turtle. "What are you doing?" I asked, trying to catch a glimpse of the text she was writing. 
She took a big breath and bit down on her bottom lip. "Planning a date, obviously". 
My jaw dropped, not expecting her to be drunk enough to be that brave. Of course I was wrong. "Are you serious?"
"Dead serious." She said seriously, licking her top lip and leaning her back against her seat before breaking in a sudden fit of giggles, "Alive serious."
I raised one eyebrow, amused by her change of expression. "I should get you drunk more often if that means that you grow b.alls to text Graham."
She blinked her eyes at me, looking like she had just realized that. "What if he says no?" She asked as she furrowed her brows.
I grinned wider, "Impossible. That guy is dying to get into your pants."
She giggled again, wrinkling her nose a little, "He's british, he's a gentleman."
"We'll see." I said simply, shrugging.
"Now it's your turn." She pointed her index finger at me, poking my nose and struggling to keep a straight face but she just looked silly instead.
"My turn for what?" I asked, playing innocent. 
"Text Josh."
I shook my head, "No way in h.ell. I don't ask guys out." I explained.
She grinned, cocking her head to the side and staring at me, "Oh because they usually crawl at your feet, begging you-"
"Shut up silly." I cut her off, smirking, "I can't even remember the last time a guy took me on a date."
"It was Trey, of course." I muttered under my breath, my chest tightening at the mere mention of his name only.
She clapped her hands a few inches from my face, making me jump, "Don't get in a funk. Focus on Josh...we made a deal."
"If he'll ask me out I'll say yes." Maybe, I added in my head, "That's all I can promise."
She opened her mouth but before she could say anything her phone rang, making her jump, "Oh god."
"What? Is it him?" I urged, dying of curiosity as I looked at her wide eyed.
Frankie widened her eyes, biting down on her bottom lip as she stared at her phone, "Yes." She replied with her best calm voice. 
"Well?" I asked, my voice louder than hers since I was really excited for her. 
She smiled weakly, "He is coming to pick me up." She whispered inaudibly and her cheeks turned a dark shade of pink. 
"When?" I asked, noticing how she was starting panicking. 
She pursed her lips together, "....now."
My eyes widened in surprise, "He definitely wants to get into your pants, Fran." She shook her head, looking like she was about to throw up. "Butterflies?" I teased her but stopped when she glared at me. 
"He will be here any moment." She muttered, running a hand through her hair. 
"Calm down babe. It's just a date after all." She got up from her stool, almost staggering. "Don't throw up." I joked, handing her her clutch and smiling kindly. 
She giggled nervously, paying our drinks to the bartender whose eyes were still all on me, "Tonight is on me...." She paused melodramatically, trying to sound confident as she winked, "Hopefully it will bring me good luck!"
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