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title: up all night, one direction! <3 
(wooh finished using all their songs off their new album! i planned on using up all night for my ebt intro but i guess i ended up making a lot of sets in between) 


Name: Vivienna Grace Winters
Age: 20
Employment: third year pre-med student at Northwestern University as well as journalism and history major, intern at Cosmopolitan Magazine, teaches a dance class once a week.
Resides: Near North Side - Gold Coast. 
Style: tight short dresses blazers, sweaters, necklaces, pumps, (anything to show off her long legs) - very classy yet glamorous with fall colors and accent pieces. 
Bio: Immature, awkward yet bubbly and a little bit snarky is the way Vivienna has always been. Unique from start to finish, she never doubts herself. Vi's been a Near North Sider since birth. Her parents split up when she was ten leaving Vi with her mom while her dad moved back to Australia. One third of the infamous trio that is her best friends, Vi was always considered the loud, hilarious, intimidating one. Vi’s flexible with her temper until a certain point when her anger gets the best of her. Always treated like a boy by guys, she never looked for much from boys until college. Sick and tired of the same scenery, Vi and her best friends packed up and moved to New York where she attended Columbia. Homesick after only two years, the three of them decided to head back home to the windy city. She’s hoping to get big in the world of journalism but has to cover her tracks from her mother with pre-med courses.
Love life: boy crazy but doesn't believe in serious relationships or love. 
Likes: boys with good grammar, chick flicks, boys who wear blazers, glazed donuts, yoga, bandage dresses, fro-yo, her blackberry, quotes, coco cola, sarcasm, car rides, pride&prejudice, 90's sitcoms, laughing with her best friends, city life.
Model: Nina Dobrev



Name: Tina Lockwood
Age: 20
Employment: journalism student at Northwestern/ dance and creative writing major, part-time dance teacher.
Resides: Near North Side. 
Bio: Always the boy magnet and always the rudest of the three best friends, Tina and Vi are easily annoyed with each other but are like sisters rather than best friends. Vi basically grew up in Tina's house and the two always shared clothes and various items. Back in senior year, Tina dated Liam who Vi liked, but Tina had no knowledge of it - without meaning to, Vi kissed him sometime during his relationship with Tina though neither of them ever mentioned it, Vi's still guilty about it to this day. She attended Columbia for two years with Vi.
Love life: trying her best not to fall for Henry Michaels, her former best friend and ex boyfriend.
Model: Miranda Kerr

Name: Jade Park
Age: 20
Employment: Architecture student at Northwestern university, works at an art gallery/studio.
Resides: Near North Side
Bio: Spitfire Jade is probably the craziest of the three. Consistently finding the most random things funny and always being the one to suggest the crazy ideas, she's the one person who Vi can find the most similarities with. Jade is impulsive and she and Vi constantly bicker with one another jokingly. Jade whines on a daily basis about the smallest things and procrastinates to the fullest, she also doesn't think before she speaks and can come across as a ditz although she's very sharp, she can also be a huge flake. Always one to lead boys on and drop them like they're hot, she's yet to find the 'one'. Jade was a student at Pratt for two years before she got bored and transferred with Vi and Tina even though her parents did not want her to.
Love life: interested at a guy at work who's showing her no interest at all. 
Model: the nasty gal model in the corner (for now) 

Name: Henry Michaels
Age: 21
Employment: pre-med at Northwestern, teaches hip hop classes on Thursday nights with Vi. 
Resides: Near North Side. 
Bio: Henry is what Vi likes to call "all three of the deathly i's" idiotic, intimidating, and indecisive. Never one to just be impulsive he thinks each and every one of his actions through to the end. Henry likes to think he's a ladies' man although he is /not/ and flirts without a stop - but if he truly likes a girl he'll do his best to win her over and treat her like a girl can only dream. Although he can be painfully idiotic, he is extremely brilliant in ways that are baffling. Vi is like his mother and constantly gives him advice and tells him in a blunt way what and what not to do.
Love life: has always claimed he's in love with Tina and though he continues to chase skirts, he is willing to get back with her and stop. 
Model: Chad Buchanan

Name: Nathan Sullivan
Age: 20
Employment: seven year medical program at Northwestern, intern at a research lab. 
Resides: Near North Side. 
Bio: Always surrounded by loud, rowdy kids, Nathan has never been one to create much ruckus. Best friend to Henry and Aiden since childhood as well as Tina and Jade as well Vi at times. Toned down, a genius and being a gentleman make him big with the ladies. Having been the 'it' boy back in high school, he hasn't lost his charm. With a single left dimple and a half-smile that will have you weak in the knees, he is perfection. Growing up, him and Vi were always paired up together and though she had a tiny crush on him freshmen year, her feelings quickly subsided. Vivienna and Nate have always been close but aren't exactly the best of friends and aren't truly fond of each other. Truth be told Vi is the only person to not like Nate and in return Nate isn't the biggest fan of Vi.
Love life: married to his books, had a thing with his long time crush Karina but recently broke things off mutually. 
Model: Francisco Lachowski

Name: Aiden Osborne
Age: 20
Employment: seven year med program at Northwestern also a history major, MCAT tutor. 
Resides: Near North Side. 
Bio: If Nate is a genius, there is no describing Aiden. Always witty, always a pain in the a*s. Along with his gift in the brains department, Aiden is moody beyond measure. When you first meet him he comes across as kind, gentlemanly and sweet but once you get to know him you see the slightly narcissistic, cynical, blunt side of him. Most know that even if he is all those things, deep down he really is genuinely kind and if you're in trouble he's the one to call. Aid and Vi are extremely close although its a more recent establishment even though they've known each other for ages. To Aid, Vi is a breath of fresh air and she finds his bluntness to be fitting but when the two fight it can get extremely ugly. 
Love life: In a rocky relationship with a fellow high school classmate Michelle who's currently at Oxford where Aiden declined his spot in hopes of her getting bumped in since she was wait-listed. /Slightly/ interested in Vi, but then again, he always has been. 
Model: River Viiperi

(sorry its so long! D: hope i get it!)
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