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***Top Set on January 6, 2012***
Another top set?!? @polyvore, you rock! Thanks guys!

feat. Anna Selezneva

Song of the day: Up All Night by One Direction (credit to @luxecouture for the song inspiration =))

So today, I went shopping with my mom, and we were casually strolling through the streets of this town not too far away from my home, when I see a little store known as...JACK WILLS. I didn't even know this existed in the US, so I was fangirling like crazy! =) I dragged my mother into the store, and up high, on a shelf in the men's section, I spy a certain purple sweater with the Jack Wills logo on it--aka the one made famous by Mr. Harry Styles. I wanted it so badly ;) Of course, my mother would've thought I was crazy if I asked for it, so I just kept my mouth shut. Plus, the brand is kinda pricey so you know... as much as I would love to own the same sweater as Harry, I gotta restrain myself ;). Anyways, I think it's brilliant that their slogan is "Fabulously British", and the clothes are all so preppy they make me smile =) 

Anyhoo, getting down to business... I wanna say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone on Polyvore! I really love going on Polyvore, and I enjoy talking with all of you lovelies and reading your sweet comments and messages! I've accomplished so much on Polyvore this year, and I am so grateful to be a member of this incredible community, so thank you all for your support! Best wishes to all in the new year! xx
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