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"So i hate people." I said turning to Skye. Frat Parties , one of the worst things according to the genius that is Aria Cohen. Seriously it is right up there with coffee and pretentious jackas.s's who go to Yale (not that i am refereeing to anyone particular)

"You hate drunk frat boys which apparently includes Max." She said scrunching her nose up slightly. Ha! I knew since the great cupcake debate Max was useless and now i had further proof. 

"So Max is a dou.che , dump him and go with that nice Josh guy. I like his hair and he isn't mean to me." I said happily watching as Max stumbled on the lawn. What an idiot.

"Josh is Max's bestfriend that would be like you dumping Liam to date Scott." Skye said. I scrunched my nose up in disgust ."That isn't legal , Scott is another species."

"I am going to save my boyfriend further embarrassment have fun at the party." Skye said before leaving me to go to tend to drunk Max who looks worse then normal Max.

I frowned as i walked into the Theta Delta Chi's house. Normally i was all for parties but i wasn't overly fond of drunk idiots. Which pretty much summarised the people i had seen since i had walked in.

"Aria. I found you." Liam said happily , looks like Skye wasn't the only one who has a drunk boyfriend. Well to be fair Liam only looked tipsy , his cheeks were flushed and he had a doofy smile on his face. Kinda like what he looks after... never mind.

"Well would look at that you did." I saiid nodding "If we were at Hogwarts you would be in Hufflepuff."

"Psht. I am totally not a hufflepuff." Liam said wrapping his arm around my shoulder. "Your hair looks pretty." He said twirling the end of my hair around.

"Your hair looks good to hun." I said laughing slightly. "Come on lets get you some fresh air." I said trying to get him to move which he eventually did.

"I don't need air , I get plenty of air." Liam said stubbornly. As we reached the outside area. "See look i'm breathing." he said pointing.

"I can see that." I said nodding "But you look a bit flushed and kinda drunk." I said honestly. He shook his head "i'm not drunk , i had one drink at a party that doesn't make me drunk."

"Of course not." 

"You don't believe me do you." Liam said sounding sad and slightly hurt. 

"I do , I just dislike drunk frat boys and i don't want you to become one because it is a slippery sloop and you are far to good for that." I said quickly before earning a slight smile for Liam "Your so cute when you think of ways to say you love me without saying it."

How he got that from what i just said i will never know.

"My god i hate him." Shay said storming out of the house. No guesses for who she was referring to.

"What did Alex do now? You know apart from exist which is generally a problem for everyone in general." I said. "Who is Alex again?" Liam said beside me now attempting to nuzzle his head in my neck.

Shay looked at Liam questioningly , I shook my head mouthing "Drunk."

"Alex is my as.shole of an ex boyfriend" Shay said to Liam causing him to look up and make an oh face. "And he is being idiot. Just because i told his mum we broke up. He should be happy i did."

"He is always an idiot." I said flatly, i really had nothing to add to this. 

Shay nodded before looking at Liam "And we will continue this conversation tomorrow , you look busy." I nodded as she walked away.

"How about we get busy like them." Liam said nodding towards a couple making out againist a wall. 

"Get busy? Really?" I said amused. "And no. Not here." I said shaking my head. I looked over at the couple , I thought the blonde hair and racoon make up looked familar.

"Emila! Enzo! You need to come up for air." I sing songed. "Oh good your not just c.ckblocking me." Liam said with a huff.

"I didn't say no , I said not here big difference." I said poking him once again. He just grinned after that.

"Bane of my existence , Hurricane Liam." Emila said turning towards us pulling down her dress. I wonder who many drinks she had tonight, probably not only drinks actually. She was lucky Enzo was around or she would be making out with the drunk who was wearing a cape right now.

"See isn't air good." I said grinning.

"Again with the air thing." Liam groaned. "One day air will kill you and i will be like air isnt good after all." He said before frowning "Actually i would be very sad. A world with no Aria is bad." 

"Exactly." I said before turning back to Emila "I hardly think i am the bane of your existence. I think you'd find i am actually awesome. Probably the most awesome person you know."

"Is there a reason you disturbed us?" Enzo asked attempting to be polite but failing. 

"Yes because you looked tacky." I said. Liam nodded "Tack Tack Tacky."

"Your opinion as always has been very irrelevant. Goodnight Ria." Emila said dragging Enzo away. Maybe they will find a room.

"Can we go now?" Liam asked pouting. 

"I only got here."

"And you hate it." He said. That was actually a fair point. Though i'd never let him know.

"If you didn't think we were going to have sex would you still want to go?" I asked bluntly. He nodded. Liar.

"Fine let's go." I said.


It was suprsingly easy to get out the frat house. Unless you include our running in with Grace and her friend Bambi. Which something like this:

'It's bad enough she call's me bambi , I don't need her friends to." Bambi said pointing to Grace. I shrugged "If people look cute animals , I will call them that."

"It's true my best friend is our puppy. Except Aria never does any of the work and expects me to walk him all the time." Liam said from beside me.

"And what does she call you?" Grace asked.


And with that i dragged Liam out quicker than possible.

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