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||Zora Hearst||
/A Missing Link
/Youth Demo
/Sasha Luss

"Wishing you were real to me
Wishing I could make believe
I’ll take my secrets to the grave
Safely held beneath the waves"

// On day zero, Zora woke up a clean slate, no memories, no name, no home or ties. But since then, she’s been living out of order, and remembering every moment of it. She experiences events like deja vu, and every now and then she’ll repeat the same day twice. This is actually how everyone lives in the Frax, but the jumps in time are so slight, that only someone who was willing to see through the gaps would be able to notice. For the first time in a century, Someone is keeping track of time in Atlas City. And that is very dangerous thing for an anomaly.
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