~ "Free Fallin'" by John Mayer [Live in L.A.] c:

Afternoon, again. 

extra credit:
- write a short story ( at least 6 good sentences) about your adventure - 6 points x [below everything else]
- at least three pictures from your decade - 3 points x [Ella Fitzgerald Song Book, Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, & Pop Art]
- tag your team - 1 point x [comments]


She found herself on a bitingly cold floor, much unlike the velvet couch the potion promised. Shoes that had enough black-and-white to win the wearers roles in an old movie filled her vision, and while she figured out where she landed, a girl in a coral pink poodle skirt sank down next to her, blinking innocently from behind her cat-eye glasses.

"Hey there, kid! What are you doing on the floor with an outfit like that? Come with me, or else you'll miss the sock hop!" she exclaimed, pulling the mystery girl in the red skirt and headband to her feet. Before she could even protest, the girls all but soared through the crowd, stopping in front of a jukebox. 

"Hey kiddos, I'm back and I have a new guest!" the poodle skirt girl cheered giddily, probably filled to the brim with soda pop sugar. "She's going to be in charge of the songs tonight, so make your requests now. Ready to dance?"

She looked at you hopefully and you merely shrugged, thinking to yourself, 'This could be fun.' She grinned brightly and started up the jukebox, a loud and peppy song blaring through the speakers and washing everyone's cares away. Needless to say, that night happened to be much better than some fancy house.

That was awful, like the set, okay bye.
Caroline (: xx
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