> Juliette Elle Adams 
> Eighteen, Senior.
> Likes partying, cigarettes, vodka, boys, lighters, night hawks, manhattan, rap, alexander mcqueen, designer clothes, swearing, being a smart.ass and a rebel
> Has dark hair, a tall, slim, perfect figure, and cold blue eyes. She mixes only a look she can pull off, designer dresses with doc martens. Dirt and grim of the city with sophisticated, quirky pieces. She always looks effortless, and seems to be the latest Callie.
> Hates hierarchy, the elites, blair, being prim and proper, being lady-like, innocence, salty foods, high-society s.hit, teachers, classical music
> Modeled by Daisy Lowe
> Juliette is the party girl. She is loud, obnoxious, and doesn't give a flip about her future. She hosts the wildest, most fun parties ever. Juliette is very cold and unwelcoming, and doesn't follow the status quo. She hates hierarchy. Juliette is also a rebel, who yells during class about injustices. She's loud, outspoken, and doesn't care. One minute she's with the misfits, then she's in the "in" crowd. Juliette is surpassingly smart, but she never uses it. She wears all the time. Her father could buy her the whole entire school. They don't know that she's this hyperactive and party-b.itching. Juliette wears doc martens, but also wears Marc and McQueen like its no big deal to throw it in. She mixes her wardrobe, and no one could pull it off other than Juliette. Juliette is huge in popularity. She's confident, outgoing, and loud. She has a big role in being elite, but she needs to clean herself up first. But wait, won't that take the awesomeness out of Juliette?
> Maybelline "May" Jane Albright
> Fifteen, Freshman
> Modeled by Gemma Ward
> May is the next Alexandria Worthington. Smart, ambitious, and dedicated, with a gorgeous outfit to match. May is a teacher's pet and always raises her hand in class. Her father is a successful lawyer and her mother is a dancer. May loves ballet. The only child, May has always been spoiled by expensive toys and clothes. But spoiled she is not. In fact, May is super sweet. The teachers adore her. 
> Yvonne Rose Souvierre
> Seventeen, Senior.
> Yvonne is your typical, poised French girl. She's strategic and intelligent, and totally contradicts the blonde stereotype. Yvonne is your spoiled little brat, with a winning prize pony and Ralph wardrobe. She has glittering green eyes and speaks laconically. She's the daughter of a movie star and a model. Yvonne always has the latest Chanel bag, and she always looks polished and preppy. She speaks a variety of languages, and has traveled to nearly every continent of the world. She loves playing tennis and horseback riding, and she also is surprisingly a good cook, something she never shows others. Yvonne abuses drugs and sips large amounts of expensive champagne each day. Yvonne is a b.itch and loves swearing in French. Yvonne is secretly desperate to fit in with the elites, no matter how perfect and impeccable she may look like. She also plays the clarinet. Yvonne always looks like she put effort in her clothes. She makes you feel special if you're her friend. 
> Armarlie Carter Franklin
> Poet, touching, yet high-class, Armarlie 
THE UNTOUCHABLES. awh. too bad for them, they can never make it up there.
> Rexa Olivia Marvomites 
> Eighteen, Senior
> Rexa is from Athens. She's the most down to earth, yet cunning girl you've ever met.
> Brittany Mariam Welch 
> Nineteen, Senior
> Brittany insults you faster than you can snap. She's a smartas.s 
> Heather Louise Jameson 
> Seventeen, Junior
> Heather is from the south and she's proud of it. With her Southern belle-esque life and beautiful long lashes, she often charms people before she can even speak. 
> Agnès Mary Le Blanc
> Seventeen, Senior
> Cashmere sweaters, cute skirts, knee socks, cardigans
> Agnès is your sweet, romantic French girl. With a name that survived the 60's, she's wild, untamable, and dreamy. Agnès is very sappy and loves romance novels, cliche ones with starcrossed lovers. She memorizes Shakespeare and participates in Drama Club and Literary Society. Her mother was a famous writer and her father ran a publishing company in France. She grew up with novels around her house. Agnès writes her heart out, and is very good at it. Her idol is Shakespeare and Austen. Her room is piled with books of all kind. She reads so much that its impossible to name a title that she can't fully analyze. She's very kind to everyone and values morals. She's very apt to fall in love, but she also falls into gullible traps sometimes. Agnès can sometimes be your ditsy girl. She has that dreamy, distant look about her and long, blonde hair. She vows that she will always stay pure, but how pure can she get?
> Clarissa Bell Whales
> Sixteen, Junior
> Clarissa is your sweetheart. She smiles and acts very dainty. Clarissa supports humane things, and is often seen at charity benefits. She's the girl who wants to change the world for the better. She tries to be like Grace Kelly, and she often sports pink Polos. Clarissa's parents are business powers, who carry a lot of power under their fists. Clarissa was taught to be articulate and kind to everyone, and to also succeed in everything she does. She's very sweet and petite. Everyone adores Clarissa because of her kindness. She makes everyone adore her, including the teachers. She has a sweet voice, but also speaks fluent French and German. Clarissa has vowed to stay pure, but how pure is she, really?
> Violet "Vivi" Yukimura
> Eighteen, Senior.
> Likes anime, drawing, mozart, sheet music, Mickey D's, running, dreams, and sparkles
> Dislikes rude people, silence, superstitions, her parents, and being immature 
> Vivi is the artist at Greenwich. She's always seen with paint stains on her shirt, not to be confused with Mickey D's ketchup. Vivi is on a scholarship, and skipped a few grades. She's planning on attending an art school for college, even though her parents want her to go to somewhere Ivy League. Vivi plays the cello and also composes pieces. She's a painter too. She loves Picasso and visiting museums and acting sophisticated. Vivi came from Japan, and also likes watching anime and drawing with pencils. She owns a whole collection of boxed sets and is often seen carrying a manga book. Vivi seems like she's good at everything, including sports like track and field and cycling. Her father was an inventor who sold millions of refrigerators. Vivi can't stand people who are rude, although she seems a bit rude herself. She likes to keep to herself, and often sighs over people who don't have talent. She plans on being a musician or artist. She can be a bit of a hipster.
> Lucernia "Lulu" Evelyn McGivens
> Fifteen, Sophomore
> Lulu worked hard to get into Greenwich. Back at her old school, she had stellar grades and was the Queen B. Once she arrived at Greenwich, she knew she'd climb up there. But she turned out to sink into the midst as a nobody and started getting B grades. Lulu wishes she could do something about it, no matter how hard she works each day. She is often found studying. She's on a scholarship and comes from boring out Kansas. Lulu can't tell the difference between Givenchy and Prada, but she cannot care less. Her father was a blue-collared worker and her mother is a former pageant queen. Lulu is smart, even though she is overshadowed by other students at the school. The history teacher hates her. And Lulu hated history class.
> Sienna Halle Woodstock
> Seventeen, Senior
> Sienna is the girl who covers her life with artificial, materialistic happiness. She lives a broken life. Ever since her parents had split, 
> Svetlana Lina Rostov
> Nineteen, Senior
> Svetlana is a girl who doesn't care for anyone but herself. A lone, tragic, but beautiful wolf. She's deadly, cursing, and narcissistic. 
> Jerrilyn "Jerry" Elizabeth Pillion
> Eighteen, Senior
> Likes her computer, math, gaming, the pizza parlor, sodas, marbolos, hanging with her guys and funny comics
> Hates snotty people, superficial looks, prim and pristine stuff.
> Jerry is a tom boy. She lives for baggy pants and her nerd glasses. Jerry is good with math and technology stuff, and spends her time dwelling in the library and in books. She's very smart and brainy, and receives the best grades without even trying. Jerry actually is surprisingly good at public speaking and has a mellifluous voice too. Its kept secret that she adores to sing, and she has a making it big dream. for now, she's a scholarship geek at Greenwich prep. She's practically a no-body here, and befriends guys, not girls. Everyone ignores her. She's the anti thesis of Greenwich, with her unpolished-ness and ways not to party or own dozens of prize ponies. Although she does love a Marlboro behind school here and there. In reality, Jerry came from England, and her parents are very rich. She just believes that she shouldn't show it. Jerry is very quiet, but she wants to keep it that way. Is so idiosyncratic or just plain odd?
> Julia Ann Sands
> Seventeen, Junior.
> So poor, so blonde, and such a public-school type girl. At her old school, she was cheer queen and was the babe of the boys. Here, she's trashy, ignored, and proclaimed plain and bland. She has good looks, but isn't striking enough. Julia is your typical middle-class girl who drinks beers. She's always so s.lutty. She always gets into tricky situations and posts racy pics online. Can you say S L U T? 
Mercedes Noelle Insley 
> Sixteen, Sophomore
> Mercedes is quiet, your little bookworm. She has glassy eyes and a distant look. Mercedes is from London, and its rumored that she's
Claire Lanette Yarne 
> Claire is a musical girl. She abuses drugs and parties hard each night.
> Brett Hayden Dalton 
> Brett is an outspoken girl.
> Melodie Jeisse Gottesenger 
> From Germany, Melodie is a talent prodigy.
> Naomi California Vivien
> Eighteen, Senior.
> Likes Ralph Lauren, good grades, coffee, horses, any good magazine like Vogue, classic looks
> Dislikes pink, chihuahuas, her parents, California, bikinis, trailer trash, cheetah prints, the tabloids, Paris Hilton
> Preppy, modest, and nicely patterned. She has blonde curls, tanned skin, and brown eyes. Naomi looks flawless, perhaps like a magazine's cover girl. She has some Cali roots in her, but she avoids it.
Cheesey middle name, much? Yes. Naomi's parents were very eccentric, new-money plastic surgeons and movie stars who adored their Double McMansion in Cali. Naomi tries to keep herself conservative and preppy, and normal, like her classmates. Naomi is often humiliated by the tabloids. She is famous, but hates it too much. Naomi is called "pretty teenage girl" by the magazines, but she just wants a normal life. Naomi can be a trash-talker if you first meet her, but once you get to know her, she's super down to earth. She appears to be coveted and blonde on the outside, but she's really pretty mature, smart, and kind. Naomi's parents obsess over their only daughter, and often treat her to plastic surgeries and chihuahuas. Naomi doesn't like it, and often turns down their offers. 
> Valeriya "Vera" Alise Dnepropetrovsk-Gabbana 
> Sixteen, Sophomore
> Designer everything, with stilettos by Dolce and Gabbana. Long, straight, chocolate hair, green eyes, and tanned skin, with a stunning figure. She always has the new line, and is seemingly oblivious to her gorgeous, new looks. And slowly turning narcissistic, too.
> Vera was once the ugly duckling. Vera's uncle is the famous fashion designer Gabbana, although her mother was Russian and her father was Italian. Vera grew up in a materialistic society, filled with obsessive, skinny people. Vera didn't believe in superficial things and grew up with a brainy head. She always had her nose in books. She knows how to speak fluent Russian and Italian, and also knows how to act prim and proper. But ever since last summer, Vera returned with perfect hair, a beautiful face, and a stunning figure. The thing is, Vera doesn't know how to use it. She can charm people just with her looks, but she doesn't speak much. She's very awkward. And slowly, Vera is inching out of her old form into a new one. She's becoming b.itchier and more shallow each day . . . .

> Sisley Antoinetta Solinas
> Seventeen, Junior
> Likes coffee, vodka, French chateaus, the newspapers and magazines, speaking, singing, her piano, her heritage, shopping, and being mean
> Dislikes last season's trends, cocophony, bad luck, gum, ungormet candy of any kind, wal mart, and poor girls
> She's very VS angel, hailing from Spain, with perfect, trousseau and silken dark brown waves and creamy skin, with warm brown eyes. She wears booties and designer jeans, paired with gorgeous tops and the latest handbag. She always looks sharp, fashionable, and carries a starbucks and wears a cartier watch.
> Sisley is a girl who loves being in charge. She's compassionate and power, emotion wise. She knows what she wants and she strives for it. She believes in morals and values. This girl makes you feel good, unless you get in her way. She's always crawling her perfect nails in your way, trying to overthrow you. Sisley is bad news to some. She adores manipulation and tricking people. She's very smart and talented, like in modeling and dancing and school. Her father is a famous musician and her mother is a singer, so she's grown up with music throughout her life. She plays piano and sings like an angel. But angel she is not. She's blant, and doesn't mind criticizing people. Sisley adores being in trouble, and doesn't mind. Her parents are the noveau rich type, which some girls use against her. But Sisley doesn't care. She hails from Spain, and has the beautiful VS angels look.
> Carolynn Brianne Trelawney
> Sixteen, Sophomore
> Likes kittens, tea, good grades, champagne, drinking, smokes, social climbing
> Dislikes mean people, despair, rude remarks, and feeling lonely
> Has a huge cuteness factor; prissy pink with prada heels. Has messy blonde girls pinned neatly in bows and her brown eyes spark happiness. Ugh.
> Modeled by Magdalena Frackowiak
> Carolynn is sweet and nice. She's trying desprately to fit in with the elites, but that's super impossible. Social-climbing and pretty, Carolynn has her eyes set. She usually strives and works hard to achieve her goals. Carolynn is a kiss-up to the elite's designer asses and makes friends with the lowlanders. She loves dressing up for things and coffee cakes. Carolynn is a good girl, but recently she has been under the influence of the elite's wing. Drugs. Of course, Carolynn's daddy doesn't know. Fredric Trelawney is a famous Hollywood movie star. He thinks his daughter is the sweetest little thing ever. Carolynn hates being good though. She loves being a bad girl now. Carolynn is always following the elites at parties, and is desperate to fit in. They despise her, but she's utterly sweettie and simple.

> Rosmere
> Super pretty, super smart, and super Indian, 

> Annabella Kylie Smithsonian
> Annabella is a good girl. The star of the swim team, she has been swimming ever since she was a baby. Annabella got into Phillips because of a swim scholarship. She loves summery days and optimism. Back at home, her dad and mom are having difficulties with the money, so she works a job at the coffee place. 

> Katie Karle Brinkley
> Sixteen, Sophomore
> All the girls perceive Katie as a whiny little brat. Her mom is a celebrity chef, and she attends Phillips due to her wealthage. Katie cheats on exams and parties hard. She is has mile high legs and red lips. Katie is spontaneous and eccentric, and loves to sing.
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