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~Short Skirt/Long Jacket, Cake 

Since this is for TWA (Jazmine) just imagine that she's wearing simple black heels and that there are no polkadots on her skirt. Jaz's style is simple but I made this outfit kind of wild, because if you know me, MY OUTFITS ARE WILD.

Look at beautiful Francisco at the bottom. Hello. 

I hope this set doesn't turn out "invisible." POLYVORE, it's not fair. Get your act together.


Wednesday, 21st: There is no work today due to another investigation over the murder. No one is sure yet if there actually was a murder or if it's a trick. Either way, stay on the alert.

Nicole and I decided to go out for lunch today. I felt bad about the way I had been treating her lately. Well not just her, but just about everyone. I was just so angry and upset and lonely. I knew I had Tilly and Maybel as friends, and they were wonderful, but I didn't really have a /best/ friend. My real best friend lived in Canada. Some of the girls at the Waldorf were getting on my nerves like Piper and Margot. Some were becoming my friends but I was suspicious about them like Charlotte and Valerie. It had already been a year of me working here, and I still felt like I didn't exactly belong. Nicole offered to go somewhere today, so I agreed since I had nothing better to do and there was no work today. 

We went to a local Italian place. Our meals arrived and we dug in. "By the way," I said after swallowing, "I'm really sorry for kind of lashing out on you the other day."

"About what?" she raised an eyebrow as she slurped her drink.

"Remember a few weeks back, when I told you to keep your mouth shut about the suicide thing? I'm really sorry. I'm just worried about my job. I didn't want to lose it." I said honestly. 

Nicole paused and then nodded. "Right...well don't worry about it. I didn't mean to sound so offended."

I smiled. "It's hard to find a stable job these days, you know."

"Yeah." she said dryly. We spent the afternoon chatting and getting to know each other. Nic was actually really smart. We might just become friends....


One of my life-long friends from Canada was coming to town today to visit. He said he'd meet me at my apartment, when he called me yesterday. On my way home, after lunch, I stopped by Magnolia's Bakery to satisfy my sweet tooth. A little sugar was all I needed to relax and get my mind off my worries. And it was a good time-killer, since I was bored to death. 

I found Charlotte in the line, ordering a blueberry muffin. "Hey, Char! What are you doing here?" We hugged.

"Nothing really. You?" she asked, biting into the muffin immediately after it was handed to her. 

"Same. I'm just bored..." I said truthfully, smiling. "There's no work today and I have nothing exciting going on in my life. " I joked, but it was the sad truth. 

Charlotte frowned and giggled at the same time. She seemed a little lost.

"Well my best friend Harry is coming to visit." I said, "But not till later tonight."

She checked her phone. "Oh, I'd love to stay and talk, but I have to be somewhere."

I felt a little hurt since I obviously had nothing to do on this lovely day while I waited for my friend to come to town. "Where?" I asked.

"I have.." she looked around and whispered, "A date."

"A date? Oh, you never told me you were seeing someone!" I tried to sound excited for Charlotte.

She didn't look excited at all. More like nervous. It was strange. "Yeah, we're not exactly...dating yet. It's just... um.."

"Complicated?" I finished for her. "Tell me about it."

"Well, I've gotta run! See you at work, bye!" she looked hurried so I let her go. She was out the door in seconds. Before I had any time to wonder who Charlotte was seeing, my own phone buzzed.

It was Harry. He must be in New York now. "Harry?" I answered.

"Jazmine, I'm in the airport. I know I said I'd meet you at Emma's, but I don't have any money for a taxi. Do you think you can pick me up?" he said in a rushed way. He probably felt embarrassed for not having any extra money with him. 

I really had no other way to kill the time, so I agreed and hailed a cab to the airport. 

xx Jaz

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