Fashion Tips::
O1.Outfit;;It's quite simple yet a great looking outfit to wear; you can buy plaided long sleeved shirt in cheap places, don't need one that's made the sleeves to roll up, you can do that yourself if you can't find one. The tank top would be best if it it was same as her's in the image (button up) but you could get a plain if you can't fine one, Pale dark blue skinny jeans are worn here, another item quite easy to find and to easy to find a cheap one at that- primark might sell that as well as the rest of the items. The way to wear it, best to do the buttons up in the middle of the plaided shirt like Dianna's and if you got the button tank top the first two or one buttons undone (quite a sex appeal but if it's low cut i would say not to undoe any)
O2.Make up;;I would say focus on the eyes with make-up on this one, so more heavey than usual black eyeliner and mascara, a tint of black,grey,like grey eye shadow make sure it's more of a transition than bold differences, this shouldn't be too heavey like it was panda eyes but just enough to be visible, and eye catching.
O3.Shoes;;This is another picture i picked where you can't see her shoes (there's probably an image somewhere that you can but i can't seem to find one) so if i were to cooridinate this outfit i would say ruby red shiny high heels or if you don't like heels than pumps, it makes the outfit stand out and then is more bold and has character.
O4.Hair;;Dianna's hair is quite smooth and wavy, i would say timotei shampoo or if you know a good shampoo and condition that makes your hair smooth and wavy pick that, If you're hair is naturally flat use a Thermal round hair brush while blowdrying your hair, while drying run the brush through your hair and curl pieces of hair using the brush around the tips to make the hair spring.

Hi, hope that helped just want to point out that there's a collection i put all my celeb looks in named: Style.NOTEBOOK-Feeding your celeb fashion needs ( so please look at it and even like it :)

i also do requests = more info on the collection details :)

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