♔SATURDAY 2 MARCH It's the three year anniversary of Erica's tattoo shop, Infinite Designs, and she is inviting all the socialites (boy toys included) to an exhibition of her favourite designs, a rage of fifty four tattoo models which you can buy. All the money will be sent to an NGO that helps children in Africa, fighting against hunger and poverty. After the exhibition, make sure you join Erica at the Wink club for some really good time - all you have to do is let your urban side come out, and leave all your worries behind before entering the club.

Gah, don't like the story but the first few ones are always the hardest

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I had managed to make it through the exhibition without getting an impromptu tattoo and was feeling quite proud of myself as I entered WINK later that night. The last thing I needed was for the gossip blogs to turn a cute swallow into a cry for my now ex-husband or a symbol for our flailing love. Plus I already had more than enough of those unplanned tattoos, the next one could wait for a night when the whole of the UES wasn’t present. I decided to congratulate myself with a glass, starting to make my way to the bar when I bumped into a tall blonde. 

“Watch where you’re-” she started saying with annoyance when I realised who it was.

“Sawyer?” I asked, interrupting her as she finally looked at me.

“Tessa, hi!” she said. “Its been so long, I didn’t know you were back in town,” she said in the soft voice I’d hear so often commenting on the latest issue of Vogue back when we were still in High School. 

“Yeah I got back a few days ago, still settling in,” I answered, unsure of how much she knew. I hadn’t really kept in touch with the girls during the past year. Answering emails was low on the list of priorities when you were busy dividing up your life with attorneys. 

“How have you been?” I asked.

“Umm, pretty good,” she started, causing me to raise an eyebrow at her less than enthusiastic response. “You know how it can get around here,” she said with a little shrug.

“Ohh,” I said slowly, finally catching up to what she meant, “Well if there’s one thing I learned its that when the girls get to be too much, a drink always comes in handy,” I continued, pointing towards the bar. 

Sawyer laughed and started following me when she noticed the group that was already gathered. 

“I’ll take you up on that later tonight,” she said with a smile before taking off. 
Shrugging it off, I instead made my way to the bar and took a seat next to a blonde, noticing her clearly new butterfly tattoo as she picked up her drink.

"Your tattoo is pretty cool," I told her in passing, signalling to the bartender for a drink. 

"Thanks!" she says with a bright smile, "You're Tessa, right?" she asked as it hit me where I had seen her before.

"Yeah, and you're Vanessa Banks, assistant editor to Stylish Living?" I asked, recognising her from my mother’s numerous copies of the magazine. 

"Guilty as charged," she laughed, "And you do...?" she started, trailing off as she looked at me expectantly.

“Art,” I quickly filled in. 

“Fun! You know...,” she started as something seemed to occur to her, “How would you like an interview in my magazine?"

“Really?” I asked, my eyes widening in shock. It was hard to fathom that someone would be interested in the pieces I’d been working on, much less want to interview me. 

“Yeah, if you’re interested,” she continued before taking a sip of her drink. “What kind of art do you focus on?”“Its mostly abstract but I like working with different medias,” I started explaining as a girl dressed in what seemed to be the world’s comfiest sweater made her way to Vanessa. The two hugged before Vanessa turned to me once more.

"Ava meet Tessa,” she announced.

"Nice to meet you," the blonde said as she extended a hand to me which I quickly shook.

"Ava is our public relations manager extraordinaire" Vanessa continued.

"Nice to meet you Ava" I said, smiling at Vanessa’s introduction.
"What do you do?" Ava asked as she took a seat with us.
"I'm an artist,” I answered, still feeling a bit weird at calling myself that when I was supposed to be a PPE major. 
"I would love to see some of your work" Ava said, taking a sip of her drink.
"We can meet for lunch and talk about it," I offered. 
"Great I'll set it up" Vanessa said clapping lightly, her enthusiasm catching on as we all laughed. 

Ava shared a drink with us as we continued chatting. Halfway through we were joined by Amelia, a stunning blonde with lips to die for who had on her arm Alexander Holland who I vaguely remembered as having had a tryst with Rebecca a while back. Ava had just left us to join her boyfriend when I heard a voice call my name. 

I quickly turned around to figure out who it was that had called me when my eyes fell on none other than Charlotte Rhodes.
“Charlotte!” I exclaimed as I stood up and made my way to her. “How have you been? It’s been ages!” I continued, happy to see yet another familiar face.

“I’ve been good, busy as usual” she answered. “What about you? I bet you’re happy to be back?” 

“Despite the rumours, I’m happier than ever! I’m glad to be back, even with all the drama and craziness, the UES is home,” I said with a smile, meaning every single word. 

“I heard a few rumblings about your divorce, I didn’t know if it was true or...,” she slowed off, seeming unsure of whether I’d want to talk about it.

“Nope, all true,” I said with a nod. “You should have known, if there was ever one of us to be married and divorced before hitting 25 it’d be me,” I continued, trying to make light of the situation.

“Yeah you were always a spur of the moment kind of girl,” Charlotte joked. 

“I really did think he’d be the one though,” I admitted, the drinks making me more candid than usual. 

“That’s what I find crazy, how are you supposed to know who you should be making such a huge commitment to; what if its not the right one or what if your feelings change or what if he turns out to be huge dick!” Charlotte said so quickly that I couldn’t help but smile at her outburst, thinking that she must have been keeping those feelings in for a while. 

“Clearly I’m not the one you should ask,” I joked before adding, “But its a huge decision. And there’s no way to know. Its not like we’re in the 50s anymore; there’s no rush to get married or even to do it all,” I said, trying to appease her while not over stepping any boundaries. 

“To no rush,” Charlotte said as she raised her glass. I smiled and followed suit. 

Simultaneously, our little bubble was broken by the ringing of Charlotte’s phone and the return of the rest of the group from dancing.

“I have to take this, but let’s do lunch this week!” Charlotte said as she stood up and gave me a hug before hurrying outside to answer her call.

The rest of the night was spent in similar fashion as I caught up with the girls while being introduced to countless new ones. As I made my way out of WINK to hail a cub, still slightly buzzing from the drinks, I couldn’t help but feel content, glad to be back within the circle I was accustomed to. It was all I needed for now.
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