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Wanted by Hunter Hayes

TRYOUT FOR: Cassadee Jade (also icon for the group)
NOTE: Example Set. Adapt Accordingly 

April 4
- Felicia Frithiof
Likes: acoustic guitars, reggae music, lakes, big dogs, bad boys, salty food, sweet tea, and old trucks
Dislikes: cultural illiteracy, red meat, tourists, snow, homophobia, bullies, general stupidity, greasy food
Theme Song: The Walk of Shame by All Time Low
Relationship Status: Single (for now)
- Cassadee is the friend you brought home from school that made your mother stop and stare. Or at least, that’s what happened with Sierra. With two older siblings who are now successful in their careers that pay a lot of money, it’s needless to say everyone was shocked when Cass declared that her college education would be limited to UNCA’s excellent, two-year art photography program. For her graduation present, her parents reluctantly surprised her with an high-end Nikon and gave her their blessing to live her dream. Since, she has moved into a loft with two of her friends and is preparing to get her name in fashion editorials, worldwide. Sure, Cass is a little bit of a wild child but once you get past the spastic exterior, you’ll find nothing but a heart of gold… and a little Jack Daniels.

TOP THREE: Cassadee. 

QUESTIONNAIRE: (in character) 

How's life since graduating high school?
- My parents are encouraging me to do something I love instead of being a surgeon or a lawyer like my brothers. I'm f-cking ecstatic, man! I'm excited for long nights with The White Stripes blaring out of my car and the wild side that comes out of everyone during summer. This year is going to go down in history. 

Name five things you want to do before fall: 
- Get a tattoo, Alfred Hitchcock movie marathon, open-ended road trip, be in a music video, and start a website for my photography. 

Be honest, are you happy with where your life is headed?
- If I wasn't, why would I be trying so hard to not change anything about it?

Will you come back to Asheville after all is said and done? 
- I don't know what town I'll be in next week or next year, much less after I've launched off my little rocket pad into my industry. 


"I know how scary it is to wake up in a strange place," I teased as Dash groggily sat up from where she had crashed on my couch last night. Her fishtail braid as messy and black eyeliner had smudged under her eyes. 

She glowered at me before looking around the floor, where a pile of pillows and blankets had been constructed, "How much did I drink last night?"

"You can really down the absinth." I grinned, perching myself on the arm of the couch. A groan escaped from the pillow mountain and I looked down to see my roommate, Charlie, coming to life. My attention turned back to Dash. "I've seen you get high before, but this was a whole new world."

She collapsed back on the couch and sighed heavily. 

My phone buzzed, the default Marimba ringtone for the iPhone, playing loudly. Dash covered her head with a pillow to block out the noise and I answered Jac's call, "Did you make it home okay?"

"Oh yes, thanks for asking." I heard her yawn. "God, last night was crazy."

I laughed softly, "You should've been Sober Sister." It was a pact made long ago, at the beginning of the friendship between all of us. To ensure safety and smart decision making. I had gotten stuck with the duty last night because Sierra had banned me from drinking absinth after the fiasco that was last summer when I had discovered my love for clear-headed drunkenness. 

"I can only imagine..." her sentence trailed off, "Hey, I was wondering if you met this guy last night. His name's Blake, I think."

I walked around the couch, tossing a handful of red Solo cups in the trash can, "Doesn't ring a bell."

She grunted. 

"Wow, Jac, manly much?" I smirked, opening my fridge and pulling out the orange juice. 

She sighed heavily, "That wasn't me."

"No," my voice rose in pitch, fighting laughter, "oh my word, who is it?"

Jac wasn't exactly known for her sporadic hookups, so this was exciting. I could practically hear her shrugging, embarrassed. "Uhm... Blake..."
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