The breeze of the ocean whipped at my face as I boarded the S.S. Savannah, and I turned around, giving one last look at New York City, and one last look at Drew. He'd insisted on accompanying me to the launch, especially after he'd found out that I wasn't even planning on telling my parents I was going. 

"Bye beautiful!" he called, and I blew him a kiss, then took my last step onto the boat. 

This was it. This was my chance. I was going to meet a guy, I was going to write in my journal every day, and I was going to make friends. Most importantly, I was going to start my life. I was excited to start-over somewhere where no one knew who I was, where I could be anyone I wanted without any preconceived notion of what I was like, except for the mandatory dumb gorgeous blonde thing. 

I checked myself in and headed straight to my room to get rid of the seven suitcases I'd packed. All with essentials, of course. I was going to be able to buy more stuff every where I went, and I was certain I was going to be going back to Greece with at least double the amount of bags. I opened the door to my suite, and smiled. The room was beautiful, but what else did I expect? This was a cruise ship for heiresses. I plopped down on the queen-sized bed and petted the comforter, amazed at the softness of it. I immediately rummaged through my purse and extracted my journal, clicking a pen open and started the story of my travels. 

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