- burning up by the expendables

I was stuck between some characters, but my Santa Cruz pride definitely won out with this one. 

Nevada ‘Nev’ Brisbane // 19
{Spirit of Nike}
From Santa Cruz, CA, by way of prize winnings.
Nev Bris is a beanie wearing, pot smoking, curb grinding imp in frayed denim and flannel shirts, a 4th gen Californian with Irish ties. She grew up under the care of her older brother, a surf maverick who went pro at 18 [now 25], taking custody after their parents died in a car crash six years ago. Since before then, Nev has looked up to him and tried constantly to do everything he could--which is how Nev learned how to skateboard. The other skateboarding boys in grade school laughed when this tiny ginger girl showed up with a board as big as herself and said she could ride, but she proved she as good as any of those wannabes, and as she got older, they lost interest, and she got even better. Which is good considering she graduated high school with a C average showing aptitude in PE [when she bothered to show up and not get high under the bleachers] and making out with surfer boys in the back of the VW Vans [once she got over that awkward ‘one of the guys’ phase, it occurred to them that she was funny, athletic, /and/ a /girl/]. Since her brother did it, Nev figures she can go pro too--become a female Tony Hawk and what have you, but she isn’t quite as ambitious as he is, so she’s still shredding up competition at amateur events on the boardwalk and maybe one of the times she’ll happen to get picked up by some sponsors. Her brother, who she still lives with, thinks she should try community college, but it’s been a year since grad and Nev just isn’t the classroom type. Frankly she can’t sit still very long, being a bit attention deficit. Her last comp won her a few thousand and a summer vacation at the Grotto. Fancy hotels aren’t usually her thing, but she does like a good adventure, and maybe, on accident, this will be where she figures out her life.
{Hollie-May Saker}
Played by: sophiaspastic (HOPEFULLY !!!)


Nevada's wardrobe - http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2769616

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