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♡ ; giants - bear hands
♡ ; set number one hundred sixty seven
♡ ; 28/3/14
outfit : @chicnova | www.chicnova.com | #chicnova
Set that inspired me to make this: 

Set created by the lovely: http://khieug.polyvore.com

F-ck Jeff Davis and his stupid plot lines for Teen Wolf. I have to wait like 3 months for s4 and I can't even ughalks;fhdkadlsf THEY SAID WE WERE LOSING 1 CAST MEMBER NOT 4 WHAT THE F-CK.

*River Song Voice: Spoilers!*
When Allison died, I couldn't give a single ounce of a f-ck if I tried. I was honestly so sick of her and I was praying she was the major character death ever since it was announced that there would be one.

When Aiden died, I f-cking cried! Okay?! I cried! He did not deserve it! He was trying to fix all his mistakes and stuff and he joined Derek's pack and I just nonono! When he was dying in Ethan's arms, my heart broke so much! If we lose a twin, we also lose the other and it sucks.

And Daniel f-cking Sharman isn't going to be a regular on Season 4, so we lost Isaac too. I was so glad he didn't die and he isn't being killed off, so he can come back whenever he wants. Oh god he's such an a--hole though. Stop crying over Allison's death you motherf-cker. You shouldn't be obsessing over her death just because you slept with her like twice. Ew Isaac/Allison is just my NOtp and it's wrong.

Onto other news, I went to see Divergent today! And that made me mad too. They f-cked it up so bad. Did the director even read the book?! There was so much wrong with the accuracy, but I can live with it.

I went shopping today too! I went to Topshop and bought like a ton of stuff. I got 7 new tops, 3 dresses, 4 pairs of shoes, 3 bags, a new CI, and jewelry.

I wanted to do a haul tip, but I don't want to waste time finding all the stuff on their website and stuff, so I'll leave the items to your imagination.

Also, look at this cute picture of my dog Luna!

(For those of you who know I'm part Mexican and always ask me, she was not named after the Spanish word for 'moon'. She was named after Luna Lovegood frmo Harry Potter.)

Anyway, how was your day?
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