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October 31st Part 1

All Hallows Eve is a notoriously mischievous day at Cordova, and with jinxes and hexes bouncing around every corner, it’s hardly surprising that this day has often been used as an excuse to settle up old scores between feuding pupils. Not unexpectedly the most targeted students appear to belong to Glacias but that doesn’t mean you won’t get caught in the crossfire...keep your wand at hand and your counter-spells prepared as things can get a little dangerous and you don’t want to be spending the night in the hospital wing now, do you.

 I wandered the halls taking detours on the way to Tristan's room, we had been a erm...I don't really know what we had been. I suppose it was a seceret relationship and with each passing day he became more and more paranoid that someone would find out. I thought it was silly, but still I did what he asked. Taking long ways making sure to have a viable excuse ready incase someone asked. Which was easy since it was my favorite class, I was the president of the magical creatures club, which he sponsered. There was every logical reason in the world for me visiting, but still excuse ready I made my way.
 "Mr. Austen, I was coming to talk to you about my career after Cordova." I said trying not to roll my eyes as I made my way into the class room. The familiar scuffling of animals muffled the sound of voices. I perked up, slowing my pace to keep silent. I recognized one of the voices at Tristian's and the other as some boy. Listening closer I realized it wasn't just any boy, it was Rain. What was Rain doing talking to Tristian? By the sound of it it wasn't friendly conversation. 
 I pushed my way through the junk, turning around a covered cage to Tristian and Rain almost chest to chest both looking furious. Tristian saw me, his widening as he took a step back. Rain whipped his head around, his reaction the same. 
 "Um, I can come back." I said backing up into the cage causing some animal to grumble.
 "Actually we were just talking about you." Rain sneered looking at Tristian.
 I looked at the two of them trying to figure out what had happened. Tristan looked tired and resigned while Rain still managed to look livid.
 "Do you know how much trouble you could get in for this Lola? Fuccking a teacher is prohibited!" Rain said throwing his hands around. I could feel my jaw drop, I stumbled responses about just needing career advice waiting for Tristan to join in.
 "Now that's enough. We are done with this discussion." Tristan said finally assuming the adult role. Rain grumbled something and stomped out slamming the door behind him.
 I stood there for a moment waiting for Tristan to break the silence when he didn't I said, "Rain won't tell anybody, hemight be mad but he will get over it. Promise." I tried to muster up a smile but I am sure it looked like a grimace. 
 "Your right, and even if he does it won't matter. We won't be seeing eachother anymore Lola." He said straightening his tie. I shook my head furiously.
 "You don't mean that. I promise he really won't tell anyone." I pleaded.
 "Yes, I do. Rain was right, we could both get in trouble." He sighed
 "You knew that! We fuckking talked about it! Don't act like this is a revelation for you!" I said anger boiling in my blood. He seemed so willing to give this up.
 "I will see you at the party later. If you are chaparoneing." I spat.
 "Yes, and I will be nothing more than a teacher from now on. That is a promise."

-nothing to do with the event but whatevs. @sophiaspastic you never pmed me back so boo :P-
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