only girl || rihanna ♪

- - -

lucy updated her facebook status at starbucks. she closed her laptop and put it safely back in its case before standing up and walking out of starbucks, throwing away her empty cup of coffee. she walked back home and put her laptop bag on her bed before going outside to the front garden. she sat down on the steps and took out her blackberry and started texting a few of her friends from back home telling them about logan. ah, logan. she couldn't get her mind off him for a second. she put her blackberry back into the back pocket of her skinny jeans before standing up and walked out the gate. she walked to the park, humming a tune as she did. she walked through the big black gates and then lay down in a shady spot, looking up at the clouds. she sighed when she heard her phone beep and saw it was a text from her stepdad 'don't forget to pick up your little sister, amy.' she groaned and stood back up onto her feet, making her way to the exit.

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