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i was tagged by @bam-macbain in her set
1.your dream job - working in a fashion magazine!!!
2.would like to study /already did in college- would like to study fashion design and I studied finance and administration
3.your role model-generally no one... I want to be the best of muself. in fashion I admire Blake Lively!
4.favorite fashion designer- mmm many, like M.Kors, Ellie Saab, Zuhair Murad, the Olsen's..
5.favorite type of clothes - jeans and dresses :)
6.favorite singer/band- The script, JT, Beyonce
7.favorite city-NEW YORK!
8.favorite time in the year- summer hate to do-wash the dishes!!! think the worst habit in a person would be-
lying, being a racist and hypocrite!
11.random fact about you- I'm a tv junkie!! :) love PLL!!!
I am tagging @freya , @officialori , @mossoo , @riennise , @aishah27 , @dora04 , @nour101 , @zoe-keredy , @vassiliki-g , @tamara-p and @greggory 

1. Your favorite quote
2. Do your polyvore sets looks like outfits you wear in real life?
3. Best day in your life was...?
4. Who's your style inspiration?
5. What new movie do you look forward to this year?
6. Who is your fave fashion designer?
7. 3 things you Must have in your wardrobe
8. Fav book, song, film and series
9. Fav imaginary character (from book, film or serial)
10. Sleeve or sleeveless?
11. What is the story behind your username?
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