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  • BuySeasons Adult The Avengers Widow Elite Costume
    Find costumes, accessories and props at! Adult the avengers black widow elite costume.
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Secret Wishes Black Widow Jumpsuit
    Girls kick butt. Superhero girls super-kick super-butt. This Halloween, super-kick super-butt. When you were a little girl, and your brothers and all their friends were playing superheroes, they told you that you could only play with them if you agreed to be either Batgirl or Wonder Woman. Being Batgirl was no fun, because your brother Cory was always Batman, and then he felt like he could order you around all the time. “You have to do what I say, because you’re BatGIRL and I’m BatMAN and that means I outrank you. Now go get some sandwiches for me and the rest of the Justice League.” And being Wonder Woman was somehow worse. She wore a tiara and gold bracelets. She wasn’t a Superhero, she was a Princess. You know a Princess when you see one, and if you wanted to play Princesses, you would go play with the Sanderson sisters next door, and that’s just way too much pink for anyone to handle. You offered to be like Scarlet Witch or Storm from X-Men, but your brothers said no. So you stopped playing. Years passed, and the new Marvel movies came out. Now, you finally have a Superhero you can identify with. She kicks major butt, she gets to play with the boys, and she doesn’t have to get anybody a sandwich. So this Halloween you’re going to be Black Widow and prove you’re nobody’s princess. The Secret Wishes Black Widow Jumpsuit includes a cat suit, and belt. Does not include boots, or wig. This is an officially licensed Marvel Captain America costume. See this costume on the runway. Click here!
  • Renaissance Wench Costume
    With all the vendors, turkey legs, and face painting, it's a wonder that anyone stands out. No worries though! We've got you covered with this sexy Renaissance Wench Costume. Trust us. They'll forget about lining up to see the mermaid! 100% polyester interlock knit, brushed flannel & faux leather. Styled as skirt w/ corset over cream peasant blouse w/ elastic at neckline & sleeve cuffs. Green baroque-print flannel corset has dark green inset & gold ribbon lacing. Corset neckline is trimmed w gold lace; scarf measures 36" x 8" Burgundy skirt has elastic waistband & opening in front, tiered burgundy & green hem ruffles. Brown faux leather belt w/ buckle over each hip adjusts for skirt slit height. Also available in plus size.
  • Greek Olympia Costume
    We're about to teach you the secret to crashing a party at Mt. Olympia. First, wear a white dress. Next, just tell the bouncer that you're a Greek goddess. He might not believe you at first, but just tell him that Zeus is your dad. With all the extramarital affairs that dude has been involved in, it'd be harder NOT to believe that story. Also, Hera might try to kill you, but that's Greek deities for you. 100% polyester poplin & faux leather fabrics. White poplin dress has cap sleeve on right, faux leather shoulder strap on left. Brocade ribbon edging on hemline, right sleeve & wrist cuffs. Faux leather belt fastens w/ Velcro. Faux leather wrist cuffs fasten w/ Velcro.
  • Sexy Zombie Bride Costume
    After waiting for years and years, you're not going to let a little zombie bite stop you from walking down the aisle are you? Sure. Your groom may be a little frightened and concerned, but if he truly loves you (like I think he does) then he should be able to overlook this little... detail. And if not, well... till death do we part. Take a bite out of your wedding with this Sexy Zombie Bride Costume. 97% polyester 3% spandex. Zips in back for closure. Bodice features stitch-like detailing & black bow w/ skull. Skirt portion features a jagged hemline & attached under layer of glitter tulle. Sides feature ribbons for a form-fitting look. Matching tulle veil features black ribbon & skull. Veil secures w/ two ribbons.
  • Sultry SWAT Officer Costume
    Grab your crew and assault rifle, there's a hostage situation down at the bank. I'm going to need you to get your men on the roofs. Now captain! A little too realistic? In this Sultry SWAT Officer Costume, you'll be look dangerous without that whole danger part. 98% polyester 2% spandex. ''SWAT'' screenprinted across chest. Stretchy suspenders attach w/ Velcro. Three buckles run across abdomen. Elastic armband & garters Velcro on & off.