Diva Style Report Teyanna Taylor’s Balmain Camouflage Pants
  • Drake Wears Bape and Air Jordan Sneakers Out in LA UpscaleHype
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  • Snowy Photography to Set Your Christmas Spirit
    It is nearly that time of the year and it just can’t arrive too soon. Who doesn’t love the magical joy of Christmas time? Christmas brings with it a season festivities and celebration that will set even the grumpiest grinch all tuned into the holiday spirit. This post is a special feature dedicated to this joyous and magical time of the year. In doing so, we will be sharing with you a collection of a few snowy and wintery photographs that remind us of the magic that Christmas brings with it, along with that special winter chill and beauty that only occurs during this one time of the year – a time we all anxiously look forward to arriving. Snow, Winter, Christmas trees, Christmas tree ornaments and angels, the family snowman, snow angels, eggnog, Christmas socks, candy canes, Santa Claus and his little elves and reindeer and big fat sack of goodies and presents – we could go on and on but that would take a lot longer that this Christmas post could allow us. These are all just a few
  • Who Is Chantel Jeffries? Meet the Girl in Justin's Lamborghini
    Source: Instagram user chanteljeffries By now you're probably well aware that Justin Bieber was arrested for a DUI and drag racing in Miami last week. Leading up to his series of unfortunate events, Justin hit the town with a group of friends,