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Name - Emma “Ems” Nicole Aufderheide
age - seventeen
hometown - Taft, CA [I assume they don't all have to be rich socialite type girls?]
likes - Actual rock n roll because fcuk you, monster truck rallies, looking at tattoos (she doesn't actually have any, needles are scary), Captain Morgan, fireworks, burritos, the desert, desert critters, eccentric small town people and weird side of the road stores, science fiction, Birdcloud.
dislikes - Like literally everything else. Especially the things you like.
personality traits - crass, introverted, defensive, kinda macho in a way, low class, proud, occasionally thoughtful.
style - Tom-boyish but a bit redneck too.

bio - Having been raised in the lowest of low class kinds of places in the great state of California, dear Emma was more or less predestined to be about as classy as Lindsey Lohan having a bad day. She lived with her mom, an exotic dancer, in a trailer park, dealing with one older brother who was good for s-h-i-t, and a steady stream of increasingly disgusting men her mother entertained. They drove rusted pick ups, threw beer cans at each other, were more or less always fighting and not in any constructive way, and eating low quality crap on the off chance groceries were a bigger priority than alcohol or her mom's occasionally crack habit [she has been quoted, "You just be grateful it ain't meth!"]. Strangely Ems is the 'responsible' one of the family who remembers things like, paying rent, and feeding the pack of dogs they kept. But she never learned to deal with her emotions properly, and just like what was in her blood, would take to primal instinct if offended. And Ems, well she's the type to be offended a lot, especially from her high school peers of whom she could never fit in with very well. The whole incident that led her to VH was the eruption of a few weeks of kept-in-check violent behavior and bad attitudes--one girl finally said something that took her over the edge, and, well, things got rather out of hand. Needless to say, her other option was juvie, and that didn't sound quite as neat as being a head case. At least her mom doesn't have to worry about her any more.

reason for being at the school - 'anger issues'

story - 

If a cobra wants to be friends with a mongoose, that doesn't necessarily mean it wants to stop being a cobra. The venom is only there for defense--to protect itself and what it loves. The mongoose has already set its self up to hate the cobra no matter how nice the cobra may actually may be. The cobra is automatically the villain. It is ostracized, if not tormented; and because it’s only protection is to harm, onlookers side with the mongoose. Because it’s cute, and fuzzy.

I am a goddamned cobra. 

I guess I gave up on friends. At least, once I realized they'd just bite my face off because I am not the same as them. Because I wouldn't change for them. I can't remember when that happened, and it might have been a slow things which can trace it's beginnings back to kindergarten. 

It's not like I didn't try. I tried really, really hard. I think people think I am the way I am because I wanna be miserable and lonely on purpose. Well, sh*t, I am human--my aspirations in life involve me finally finding that moment where I can be happy. If such a thing exists. So why not I just...act like everyone else? Listen to the bs that the radio plays, revolve my life around high school dances and rom coms? Wear brand name mall clothes and whatever it is that girls do these days. If that will make me accepted, and if being accepted would make me less angry all the time.

Well, there are two reasons for that.
1.) I can't afford any of it.
2.) I can't sacrifice my own self identity and a ingrained since childhood moral code of be who you want and fck the rest. 

It's that last bit that gets me into some trouble.

[continuing shortly]

model - Monica Ollander
relationship status - F*ck boys. [and girls and relationships and friends and people.]
collection (optional) - possibly.
taken by - @ducktape

♢ questions for the tryout in character -
[I would normally write longer, better answers but the idea is Ems is surly and doesn't want to talk to you much.]
1. why are you here?
"I bit a girl in the neck. That's the short version, I guess."

2. who decided to send you to Virginia Hills?
"Ummm...my judge and the good folks at the Kern County Police. Eh...Mostly."

3. are you happy to be here?
"This is the nicest damned place I've ever stayed at, I ain't complaining so long as y'all leave me be."

4. what are your goals while you are in Virginia Hills?
"Not bite a girl the neck?"

5. what are your goals once you leave Virginia Hills?
"Not end up in a state penitentiary. I also want one of those weiner dogs, they're pretty cute."

♢ out of character questions (optional) -
1. what are your plans with this character’s storyline?
Some self discovery sort of thing. Basically with her learning to trust people but also come into her own. But it will take a while and blood will spill. I kinda made her, of course, self reminiscent.

2. why do you want to be in this roleplay?
This role play seems very 2010 in a good way. It's a very classic troubled teen girl rp that were quite popular then but have dwindled. On one hand, it's nice that rps have branched out but virginal hills harkens back to much simpler rping and that appeals to me right now. 

3. would you be understanding if you were given a different character? 
Yes, but I think I am the only Emma audition thus far which was generally my plan of action. [I was when I wrote this, I think there is one other now. But, yes, I am fine with receiving a different character.]

-Emma [model as Monica Olander]
-Jaida [model as Ashley Moore. Making me like the only member who actually isn't changing her to a white girl.]
-Alaska [Skye's fine.]
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