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Sooo, here are a few sentences about me:
I'm Vanessa, 21, live in Hungary. I'm studying medicine, it's really hard but I LOVE it! I'm not an eminent, I mean I study a lot but just as even necessary. I live in an flat with my best friend, but my hometown is also close to the city when I live right now. I love being a university student and living on my own. My groupmates are really cool guys, they helped me a lot how to develop my self-confidence, they are like my second family. I love hanging out with them, especially on those nights when we go somewhere to drink, party and have fun! I think this period is the happiest in my life: I don't want to grow up...
I also love my family, but sometimes it's a bit hard with my parents. I'm an only child and my Mum and Dad always have conflicts: now it's reallly strange because my father works in England so I can see him just in every second or third month. I have a great relationship with my Dad, so it's not easy...
My love life is a mess, I have never-ever been in love. I have too many expectations so it's really hard to find a guy who can fits for them. But I don't want to complain, mostly I'm happy with my single-life!
I adore music, Placebo is my everything! I can listen their songs all day long...
Travelling is my passion, Italy is my favourite country: I really want to live there once! I like that lifestyle and everything...

Ok, I think I told you the most important facts, now here are some likes and dislikes, just for curiosity:
-running in the sunset
-coffee (I'm an addict)
-alcohol (it can be anything)
-my Granny's cookies
-listening music on the road when I'm going home
-going home at dawn before sunrise
-first swim in the sea at summer
-small churches with the scent of God
-discovering new places
-stealing a small rock from an ancient ruin (just for the memories)
-dancing with someone who likes me "that" way
-holding hands
-watching the people on the streets
-deep conversations and drinking beer with my best friend (who's a boy)
-watching movies
-waking up in the morning when you have some time to relax in bed
-the smell of the mornings in spring
-watching the stars

-people full of confidence
-when I have to learn something absolutely uninteresting
-bugs with f.ckin' big antennas
-hangover with headache
-drunk conversations 
-stupid b.tches
-making a phone call (I hate speaking on the phone)
-rainy days 
-exam period in winter

So now I want to know more about you, guys:
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