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UPDATE: Layout stolen from @vicks. Because my story contradicted @ingrid I changed the characters from Shay and Bailey to Aria and Scotland. sorry guys!

Grace Milton; September 12

“Not that I don’t appreciate spending time with you, because I totally do.” Thomas started to say, “But what are those girls up to that you’re hiding from?”

“Was that a really convoluted way of asking me if I’m only spending time with you to avoid something?” I asked him, laying my head on his shoulder briefly. 

Of course he was right, he was always right when it came to me. The only person constantly more right than him was Joe, who had the benefit of having known me for an extra 14 years. What I was trying to avoid of course was the baking of cupcakes, though that was really more for everyone else’s benefit rather than my own.

“Of course not.” He scoffed, pushing my head off gently with his hand, “who wouldn’t want to spend time with me?” He asked, getting cut off from whatever he was going to say next by a form jumping out of the tree.

That form would be Karl, who had landed in a squat mere inches from my leg “Everyone. Or rather no one wants to spend time with you.” He said, trademark cocky smirk painted across his face.

“Oi,” I kicked him gently in the shin, “watch where you’re jumping Mr.” I warned him.

“Sorry Ma’am.” He said completely with a mocking salute. Mocking or not however and apology was more than most people got from Karl.

“Oh whatever,” I rolled my eyes, pulling my legs up under me and away from Karl.

“What are you even doing creeping in trees?” Thomas asked, with a friendly punch to Karl’s shoulder.

“Not much.” Karl shrugged, brushing him off physically as well as his questions, “So spill the beans Grace,” He turned his attention to me, mocking what he thought females sounded like apparently, “What are you hiding from?” He placed his chin is his hands, blinking at me.

“That’s cute Bambi.” I stuck my tongue out at him, “real cute.” Because it really kind of was. Not that I would tell him that. Except, oh yeah, I just had.

“Now I’m curious.” Thomas slung a companionably arm around my shoulders, “What is it your hiding from and can’t tell us about?”

“I’m not hiding and I’m not hiding that I’m avoiding either.” I said before pausing and thinking about how little that sentence made sense.

“Yes we know you’re not articulate,” Karl snorted impatiently, “Just get to the point already.”

“You don’t have to be a di.ck about it,” I mumbled before brightening my voice considerably, “They’re baking cupcakes for a fundraiser and I decided it was in everyone’s best interests if I just didn’t go near the kitchen today.”

Inexplicably Thomas burst into laughter. Well okay not inexplicably, he was probably imagining the same birthday incident I was using as my basis not to be anywhere near Theta house. To be fair though that was almost 5 years ago. Not going to take any chances though.

“Shut up you moron.” I elbowed him in the side, and to his credit he stopped laughing, well mostly.

“You’re so testy today princess.” Karl leered. What a creeper.

“You’re so nasty all the time,” I taunted back, which okay was not one of my better comebacks. Not even close.

“Oh that was a beautiful one Grace.” Thomas squeezed my shoulder before finally removing his arm from my shoulder, “It should go in the quote book.” The sad thing was Thomas actually kept a quote book of any witty comebacks, or more commonly unintentional innuendos, anyone around him said. I think he was onto his sixth notebook since I’d known him.

I was saved – or maybe doomed you could never tell – at that moment by the appearance of Aria and Scotland.

“Grace, what are you doing?” Scotland asked as she spotted me.

“Sitting here, enjoying the sun?” I phrased it like a question, eyebrow cocked because what did it look like I was doing.

“But we’re going to be baking. We need all hands on deck.”

“You really do not want Gracie’s help baking. Trust me.” Thomas piped up, earning him another elbow in the stomach and glares from both Aria and Scottie. Karl then snickered so I took the opportunity to slap him in the arm. Who said physical violence had no place.

“He might be being a dick about it but the boy has a point.” I gestured my head in Thomas’ direction.

“Nonsense.” Aria crossed her arms, “You helped Shay bake on Saturday.”

“Sheer dumb luck?” I tried, knowing that wouldn’t work. Maybe I just didn’t want to bake.

“No,” Aria shook her head, “There is no way you’re getting out of the work.” Before stepping forward and literally pulling me to my feet with Scottie's. Karl and Thomas were both snickering again. Idiots.

“Let’s go bake some cupcakes.” Scottland cried as they ushered me away. Of course I took the opportunity to kick both the boys who so deserved it.

“Fine,” I grumbled before turning to glare slightly at Aria, “But if half the campus gets food poisoning don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

More Grace! Yay! Though this is pretty crappy, I'm sick I have an excuse @chrissykinz @sarahstardom @pudding-fong @martasmiling @kkerry @ingrid
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