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Born Free || M.I.A

✞ Lana ✞ 
> Where: Fontainebleau Palace, France
> When: October 17th
> Makeup / Hair : Loose Curls 
> Wearing: Outfit in set.
> Scent : Daisy Perfume by Marc Jacobs
> With : Brendon and her crew.
> Tags: @young-and-loaded 

> Lana and Brendon had arrived early in the morning that day in France from their trip in England to begin the shooting for Lana's newest music video and her favorite to film so far since she loved the story line and she got to be with Brendon filming at a gorgeous castle in France by the name of Fontainebleau. The couple had been summoned to go directly from the airport to the castle so that hopefully all filming could be finished in one day. That time frame which one seemed to ridiculous and impossible was thankfully the time frame they would be sticking to since they were now in the process of filming the last scene with her and Brendon. When they had arrived at 5 AM that morning Lana had gone directly to hair and makeup before she filmed her scenes alone while she allowed poor Brendon to stay back in the trailer they had found for her and sleep until it was his time on screen with her. At just a few minutes passed midnight the video was called a wrap and she was finally allowed to leap off the front hood of the car she had been sitting on with Brendon in front of her playing his bad boy role perfectly. The girl leaped off the hood of the car with her dark blond locks bouncing around her face and down the back of her white leather jacket she wore over a lacy red bra with a pair of denim shorts on the bottom and red converse on her feet. Finally Lana and Brendon could hop in a car and she could take him to her loft in the heart of Paris which she was more than excited to show him. As soon as she changed and got a bite to eat at the table of foods she had been practically drooling over all days with it's fresh baked French bread, sweets of all sorts including her favorites {macaroons} and everything you could imagine. Lana smiled and wrapped her arm around Brendon as they walked away from the car "Thank you for helping today, I would much rather kiss you than a stranger."
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