My anthem...:3 anyways, I had an AMAZING birthday yesterday <3 So, first of all first, of course I turned 18, so yay! on that. :) Then my helper in school gave me some make up, which I love. Then in 3rd period, my class (Work exp.) had a little party for me (Had cupcakes and played games) THEN, the best part, my Beautiful lovely friends, had a little party for me, and they remembered my birthday! ♥ And, i just wanna say, Thank you to those who sent me birthday wishes, I love you all ♥ You are all unique and beautiful in your own special way ♥ 

It was so much fun yesterday :) And tomorrow, I'm having a party at my grandma's house for my cousin's and my birthday party :)

Peace and Love,
KayKay <3

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