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Dear Person I Hate, 

Well obviously this isn't going to be such a sweet letter but oh well. I don't say I hate you I just dislike you a lot because no one deserves to be hated no matter what. You are my "family" but I don't consider you it. You are only that because my dad slipped a ring on your finger. That doesn't mean anything. That also doesn't mean that you can boss me around like my mother. You can never compare to my mother though because only she actually loves me. You are such a prick sometimes, thinking that you are perfect and you can point out every little insecurity that I have. My stomach, my hair, my style, my face, my attitude, even how I eat. But you don't care about the result of all that do you? No because you enjoy watching people's lives fall apart in the palm of their hands. It slips through their grasp and you laugh. You don't pick them up when they feel down, you point and make fun of them. Well I hope one day life slaps you right across the face because I'll be there to just walk away, leaving you to figure yourself out. 

 Your step-daughter
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