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Jan 14th: You’re at Scuola Lorenzo de' Medici now, which means you’re in it for good, and there’s no leaving. You need to establish your “place” and you can do that by either going to this secret party, or be labeled as ‘whimp’ forever. There’s a room in the basement that used to be a ballroom, but is almost dying in cobwebs. The boys are bringing drinks and weed, so come prepared to party.

"I love parties!" I shouted into Ysabel's ear with a broad smile plastered on my face and a cheap bottle of wine in my hand. "So much fun!"

Ysabel glanced at me, almost disgustedly, but she managed a smile. "Um, yeah..."

"WHOO EVERYONE LOOK AT ME!" I screamed louder, moving away from Ysabel and starting to pull up my shirt. "Guys, you don't want to miss this!"

Several guys around me instantly followed my hands as I was almost to the point of flashing easily over one hundred people.

Clearly, I was more than just drunk.

"Waverly!" Lisbeth snapped, lunging for me, and my shirt fell down and the random guys pouted. I shot Lisbeth a look but she was pulling me away from the center of attention (my favorite place to be) and toward the hallway where no one could see us.

"Have you no dignity left in your entire body?" Lisbeth hissed in a harsh whisper. I was staring at her face, but somehow, it didn't seem like her talking.

"Silly Lizzy!" I laughed. "It's just for fun, people like this stuff! It will make me famous!"

"Not famous in the way you want to be famous," Lisbeth commented, pursing her lips. 

"Models show your boobs all the time!" I argued, frowning. "I'm gonna be a famous model, might as well start showing off now, right?"

Lisbeth sighed. "Look, I know we're not like best friends, but I'm looking out for you, okay? I would hate to see this end up on the internet and you get kicked out of Scuola."

I rolled my eyes, my mouth dribbling drool as I talked. I, however, didn't even notice at the time. "Like they'd kick /me/ out. I'm the most awesome person here. Duhhhhh."

Lisbeth groaned, and she finally released me. "Fine, do what you want. Don't say I didn't try to stop you."

"I don't need your help! You're just an uglier version of me, hoping some of it will rub off!" I said, clumsily pushing away from her and back to the circle of guys.

"Hey babes, now where were we?" I said, smiling as I cracked open another bottle of wine and shared it with all of them.

Who needed Lisbeth and all the other girls? They were just jealous of all the attention I was getting. They didn't know anything about being famous, and I would. I would be famous one day, and they'd wish they were friends with me.

{comment if you read please! Sorry for the short, crappy story, but I just wanted to show how Wave can be toward people trying to help her and such. I included @dylanstasia and briefly @istylista.}
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