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Name- Rosella
Physical Age- 16
Guardian Age- 136
What Are You The Guardian Of- Hope
Friends- All The Guardians, Jamie, Sophie, Jamie's Friends, Hillary (@newkidsinar's version), and Corey (@i-am-sherlocked27's version)
Enemies- Pitch Black
Lover- Single and NOT looking to mingle 
Did you fight in the battle against Pitch- Duhhhh
Story- Rosella was just a normal... well... princess. She lived in the kingdom of Aurbury. Aurbury was known for it's heroes, but that was mostly because of it's monsters.When Rosella was a baby, she had a spell cast on her by a fairy named Allinda, that Rosella would be the biggest hero of all of her time, but Rosella sure didn't look the part. When all of the beasts had fleed when they heard the spell, but as she grew, they started to come back with even more beasts when her overprotective parents kept her shut inside. Rosella felt responsible so she created an alter ego - Russel Ross. 'Russel' was the bravest hero since heracles! But after Rosella's 20th birthday, she was mortally wounded by a deadly hydra. She hoped that she would stay alive, but the man in the moon took pity on her and made her a fearless gaurdian!
Tag 5 People- @i-am-sherlocked27 @newkidsinar @doctorwhoandbacon @weird-is-my-nomal @jaggiestripes
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