If I was Effie Trinket for The Hunger Games....

So I'm wildly excited for The Hunger Games. Yesterday was the premire and I felt the need to make an Effie inspired collection in honor of the FABULOUS dress Elizabeth Banks (the actress that plays Effie) was wearing. SO... I loved doing this collection! I put a little more work in it then most the other collections so I hope you enjoy!
Thanks for veiwing and reading! & If you're a Hunger Games fanatic like me (It's true I'm hooked <3) don't be shy, I would love to talk fandom with you ;3
Should I do more Hunger Games inspired collections? Let me know. THANK YOU and be sure to check out The Hunger Games March 23!


Wrote three years ago
@lovelovelove Awe thanks! I your sets are amazing too!

Wrote three years ago
Wow, perfect! :)

Wrote three years ago
@lindacaricofe Thank you so much!

Wrote three years ago
This is a most amazing collection....wow, love it all

Wrote three years ago
@im-not-a-poppy Thank you ^u^

Wrote three years ago
What a perfect collection! Effie to the core. Love it :D

Wrote three years ago
@wishuponastar34 Aw, really thank you SO much for all the sweet comments! You are just soo nice! Haha... They mean alot so thank you again <3

Wrote three years ago
So bizarre. But I mean that in the best way possible! Another astounding collection! :)


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