So I was sitting here and I thought..hmm I'd like to make a non-fashion orientated set. And what better set to forgo then an 'about me' set. Chantal made a lovely one a while back and I've been inspired to make one since. I know my everyday sets reveal a little about me each time, but here are some lesser known things. Ok so here goes (sorry this is so long in advance):
My boyfriend Brian: he is my love..yes we are tattooed vandals, and I love him all that much more for it
Family: They gave me the foundation to mold myself into who I am
Art: I love to paint, but also collect lithographs of other artists
Music: as you can tell, it has always played a large roll in my life and always will
Movies: I love classics, and tend to torture poor Brian with them
Books: reading is a path to knowledge, a spare moment equals time to read
Dance: No formal training that ever lasted or went anywhere, but I love the artistic freedom it allows
Food: I'm a cow about it!! I love it, I pictured sushi..ahh I love sushi
HD: I know I have a set featuring one, but I do dearly love them, Brian recently purchased one..yeeaaaa!!
Traveling/the open road: I may not go on extravagent trips, but I love to explore anywhere that isn't home
My job: Gasp I know, but I really do love what I do. I have 2 jobs, one in a music/novelty store and the other I mentor young and disabled children. It's there I truly feel I make a difference in someone's life other than mine.
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