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katherine wilkes
important people

◊ ◊ ◊ FAMILY ◊ ◊ ◊

¬ father [pierce brosnan]
¬¬ katherine’s father was born in a small town in victoria, australia. he spent a gap year in america, looking to find a purpose. like something out of a movie, he saw caroline at a party in nyc the night before he was going back to australia - and decided she was reason enough to stay. he got a job at a radio station and spent the next month looking for the mystery girl with no luck. he had all but given up when their lives were thrown together - richard had stayed late at the station one night when he ran into caroline in the parking lot, where she had been hiding after spray painting a chemical research centre down the road. now, richard is a successful radio host, a big believer in fate, goofy, charismatic, kind and very proud of his family.

¬ mother [emma thompson]
¬¬ a true child of the 60s, caroline was interested in the environment from a young age. smart and hard-working, she finished high school early and went straight into environmental studies at college. by day she worked hard researching plants, animals and people; by night, she and her colleagues protested against anti-environmentalist consumerism. she and richard married young, and her career in environmental science took off. when she was 40, she transitioned into environmental and political speaking, and works at a botanical centre in new york. she is passionate, confident, fierce, wise, wacky, loving and family-oriented.

¬ brother [robert pattinson]
¬¬ ezra wilkes took after his mother in terms of brains - he excelled throughout school, and was offered an internship to a prestigious design firm when he was in college. he quickly climbed the ladder both in his work and social life, and made waves for his design innovation and fresh outlook. he changed his name to ezra haywood when he opened his own design firm, and was a millionaire before he was thirty. he is constantly busy but makes spend for his siblings, saying kat and connor are the only things keeping him sane sometimes. he often acts as the voice of reason in katherine’s life and is protective of both of his siblings. he overworks himself but is trying to be better at finding balance in his life. 

¬ brother [r j king]
¬¬ connor is a year younger than kat, but they may as well be twins for how well they get along and how similar they are. he takes after his mother in his interests - he is studying arts and biology at columbia university and works at the museum of natural history. he also runs a show at the college radio station - katherine likes that sometimes she can hear both her brother and her father on the radio on the same drive home from work. connor is laid-back and easygoing, fratty, charismatic, warm and, similarly to katherine, can come across less intelligent than he actually is.

◊ ◊ ◊ FRIENDS ◊ ◊ ◊

¬ [anya lyagoshina]
¬¬ the kozlov’s moved from russia to illinois a few months before oksana was born. based on a misconception of the country, a desire for their daughter to fit in and a general lack of ideas, they named their daughter after the country itself - a decision which ox calls “the biggest f.uck up in modern parenting history”. she is tough, dark, cold and honest - and often the one who pushes katherine to make decisions about her life. the two met at an open mic night, where kat drunkenly sung “girls just wanna have fun” two and a half times, and where ox unplugged the microphone before she could get to a third. they formed a strong friendship through their differences and moved in together. the only job oksana has bothered to hold down for longer than a year is modelling, which she enjoys more than she cares to admit

¬ [ava de lacy]
¬¬ annie and kat went to high school together. they were in the same friendship group and got along well enough, but grew distant when they went to college. after a few years, katherine started seeing her around tisch but didn’t have the time (or nerve, admittedly) to reach out to her. a few years after she graduated, they ran into each other again - this time at a theatre, where kat was auditioning for a play and annie was rehearsing for a dance performance. they got talking and reminiscing, and have become closer than they were in school. annie is organised, book-smart, fun, ambitious and passionate.

¬ [henry pedro wright]
¬¬ eli was born and raised in new york city, and studies at columbia university with connor wilkes. he is the co-host of connor’s radio show, and has become friends with katherine through her brother. even though he is younger than her other friends and they aren’t particularly close, eli is the only friend she really trusts to help with the hastings. eli is dependable, adaptable, sporty and spontaneous.

◊ ◊ ◊ LOVE INTERESTS ◊ ◊ ◊

¬ [miles mcmillan]
¬¬ illya’s family moved from russia to america when he was eight. he studies chemical engineering and bartends. his and katherine’s social circles overlap vaguelly, initially through a modelling acquaintance of oksana. despite not having spent much time together, they have formed opinions of each other: katherine thinks illya is cocky, cynical and uncooperative; illya thinks katherine is messy, ungrateful and unrealistic; both are partially correct. in reality, they are more alike than they think they are, but both appreciate having someone to antagonise (though illya is more successful at it). disliker of animals and hater of musicals, illya is intelligent, neat, fair, observant, apathetic, the go-to devil’s advocate and very realistic - he will tear katherine down when no one else will, which she quietly respects.

¬ [rami malek]
¬¬ owen grew up in new hampshire, and moved to new york for the same reason that katherine loves it so much - the theatre. he works in theatre design and direction, and writes plays and scripts when he can (but has a habit of never finishing them). he’s a film and television buff, but otherwise generally kind of out of touch with pop culture. he and katherine have crossed paths at auditions, rehearsals and events a few times, but never conversed. owen is funny, charismatic, sentimental, thoughtful and enthusiastic.

¬ [garrett hedlund]
¬¬ josh is a professor at columbia university where he teaches english literature. he feels like he was made for his job because he is not only invested in the subject but also in his students - he naturally forms connections with every one, and does everything he can to bring out their potential. his colleagues hold him in high regard, and his place at columbia has lead to friendships with new york’s elite. he and katherine have not yet met. he is kind, attentive and humble.
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everyone has a calling in life. for some people, that calling is to be a heart surgeon. for others, it's to train as a ballerina, or to teach college students about the history of english literature. but to take care of bratty kids while their snobby parents party across manhattan or drink mimosas in the hamptons? now, that's not so much a calling as it is a convenience. a seemingly easy job for when you're down on your luck, not cut out for waitressing, and in need of a place to crash. new york's wealthiest and finest are always in need of someone to help raise their picture perfect families. the maids, the cooks, the drivers, and of course, the nannies. living on the outskirts of the life of luxury, the nannies see and hear all. the drama, the affairs, the fights – everything. though they're on the outside looking in, the nannies seem to know more about the inside than anyone.
the job may seem straightforward, but that's not always the case. sure, getting a free room in manhattan is a perk, but working within the suffocating circle of new york's elite is exhausting, to say the least. the parties are extravagant and messy and fancier than what most people are used to. the kids are spoiled and used to getting whatever they want, whenever they want it. the fathers are often workaholics and the mothers often prefer to spend their days shopping around saks fifth avenue rather than spending time with their children. when things go wrong, it's the nannies who are stuck trying to pick up the pieces and control the damage. it may not be the most glamorous of jobs, but for a young person struggling to get by in the big apple, things could be much worse.
besides, things aren't all bad when you have people in the same situation as you. that's where "the nanny diaries" come in. "the nanny diaries" is an online site where the nannies of manhattan can anonymously gossip, spread advice, support one another, and pass information around about the elite. the site primarily functions as a site where the nannies can connect with one another. however, "the nanny diaries" has an ugly side. many of the nannies can't resist a good piece of gossip, whether it concerns the wealthy families or another nanny. so be careful who you trust, because in the the world of manhattan's finest, no one is safe.
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