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It's the moment we've all been dreading: Monday. Or more accurately, the first day back to school. Collect yer shit and head to class, kids, we don't have all day.

The goose bumps on my skin are present as I stand outside sipping my morning cup of black coffee. The warm liquid scalding my throat but brings tingles to the rest of my body, warming me. The morning will soon light with the colors of the sunrise, the pinks, the yellows, and the blue of the sky. I will stand here still, watching as the rays reach like fingertips to me, presenting me with their beauty. I will wait for that. 

I sit on the ground, my feet dangling off my fourth story loft apartment. I grip against the metal bars that keep me from falling over and down to the depths of the streets. The streets are vacant now, people nowhere in sight. The peace of it all is almost too much too swallow. 

The sun begins to rise, as my neighbor’s alarm clock starts its obnoxious beeping. The same start to just another day. 

The sliding door on the next porch opens abruptly as my neighbor steps out. She stretches her arms above her head, and rolls her neck to crack it. I can feel every bone crack in her neck. It feels nice. But what if, I ponder; if she felt a real bone break perhaps she would not be so casual with her cracking. She turns to me, giving me a big smile showing her pearly whites. 

“Hello Enya!” She calls. She’s a morning person. “Getting up for school?” She asks.

But I’m up at this time every morning. Mornings are a great part of a day. They are…should I say it, new beginnings like nights are endings. She knows it too, and it’s why her question bores me. The same questions asked again and again, the same observations, the same conversations and the same routines are played again and again. 

I’m a victim. I’m also a hypocrite. 

“Hello Kate. It’s nice to see you again. And yep UNI doesn’t wait for anyone.” I tell her. It’s strange that sometimes I can be nice to people. I know her story. It’s not much different than mine. Adopted, loved and now she wants adventure, but she’s older. She has a job; she’s helping her parents pay for her apartment. She’s 29; she’s dependent…like me. 

I hate her.

Before she can say something else, before she can start another boring conversation, my body has tugged me back into the warm confinements of my own apartment. I slide the door shut behind me. My body adjusts to the warmth; my skin prickling thaws like ice.


I’m out; my apartment door locking shut behind me. I take the stairs and I go down and down and down and down, until the bottom level greets me like an old friend. I’m out the main door in a jiffy, my backpack slung across my back and the books tumbling around as I walk. I’m off for the start of another day in the New Year. What was it that many people believed…that the apocalypse was supposed to happen…as if? But then again stranger things have happen. I tap my fingertips against my lips. 

Yes, /stranger things/ do happened.


It’s one o’clock before I realize it, my other classes having passed as blur. I sit down in my usual seat in the chemistry lab. I’m there early as always. The chemistry lab is my home, my adventure. It’s a way of hope, of hope that one day I might find a cure. 

He slides in next to me before I can object. I always have wishing he’d just let me work by myself, more always gets done that way. But it’s not like Miles Adler has ever listened to me before. 

He’s attractive, but not overly so. He’s nice but again not overly so. He’s annoying and yes, totally so. 

“Hey Enya.” He says looking at me his eyes burning into mine as he pulls out his notebook because he’s the perfect student and he takes down notes. He’s even tried to bribe me for coffee for his notes, but no I don’t need his writing I can do well all by myself. But when the grades come back and I have a good ten points or so lower than him I know I should have taken his notes. 

“Miles.” I greet nodding at his existence.

Class is normal, again everything is the same. 

His elbow touches mine and he looks up to catch my glance. Great, and the motions are being played…


and again

and again.

“Enya? Were you listening? We have to mix …. with? He asks. He’s stuck, but not really. We could both easily do it on our own. He looks at me like I have no idea what’s going on. Only this time he’s right. 

I hadn’t been listening.

I’m ecstatic when class ends. 


But it’s like escape him, we’re running in circles around each other and if I didn’t know any better I would say he signed up for classes that were near mine or he was in other ones I didn’t realize he was in. 

I retreat to the café/ restaurant on the college campus, I’m sure I’m safe. I’m sure of it.

“Well looky here, if it isn’t Enya Bane.” A familiar voice laughs. I turn only to be horrified at seeing Olly. 

“It’s a displeasure to see you.” I say scrunching up my nose. Of course, he’d be here, in fact as I scan his outfit, I wouldn’t put it past him to work here. Here of all the god dam.n places he could work. He has to work here, where I’d see him day after day after day. Maybe I’d have to start bringing my own coffee. 

“Aw, I know you want me.” He says, his voice husky, and musky and I can smell it on him. He leans in close to me, I vaguely think of new years. 

“Enya hey! Oh, am I interrupting something?” This voice, so very familiar, so very annoying and so last period. Miles is now in front of Olly and me. He looks confident, not awkward like most people would be. Maybe because he thinks I would never be attracted to a guy like Olly. Maybe because I know judge of character and Olly has a good heart somewhere. Even if I do what to hurt him, and let him feel the most excruciating pain that he’s ever felt before.

“Errr, hello mate.” Olly says leaning away from me. He gives the boy a once over before looking back at me and then at Miles. “Why are you trying for her, man?” Olly asks him. He’s clearly confused. 

Well excuse me. 

Olly turns back to me. He gives a little laugh. “You’ve got yourself a keeper Enya, I mean who knew you could attract someone like this.” Olly says.

“He’s not mine.” I say coolly. “If you really want him Olly why don’t you take him?” I ask icily.

“You know I don’t swing that way baby.” He says giving me a wink, as he walks away.

Miles appears in Olly’s absent air. He looks at me, shortly, his eyes on mine. I feel a little breathless. This isn’t good. I can’t fall for someone like Miles, and he can’t fall for me. It wouldn’t work.

“I’m going.” I say going around Miles. He catches on to my arm.

I can feel my skin in his hand. 

“Come on Enya don’t be like this.” He protests. “I just want to get to know you.” 

“Find some other harlot, Miles. I’m not interested.” I say yanking my arm out of his grasp before I can do anything stupid, like make him knives in his skin; make him feel blind, deaf and completely alone.

Yes, I leave before that.

(so comment [miles adler] if you read all! And I’m sorry the ending is so bad, but I was trying to get this done, because I’m so far behind, sorry again I didn’t include as many people as I was going to, but I’m going to write another school one or just random day one for Enya for this week, so I’ll try and include people that I said would include in those :) )
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