Alex Turner - Stuck On The Puzzle

You can buy a lot of amazing items here:
Black Lapel Long Sleeve Zipper PU Leather Jacket:
Sequins Shine Loose Sweater Silver:
Skinny Elasic Leggings Pant:

I was tagged by @echelonon-mars in her lovely set:

[x]You have long hair
[]You have medium length hair
[ ]You have short hair

[x]You're blonde (dark blonde :D)
[ ]You're brunette
[ ]You're ginger
[ ]You have an other hair colour

[x]You have naturally strait hair
[ ]You have naturally wavy hair
[]You have naturally curly hair

[x]You have blue eyes
[ ]You have green eyes
[ ]You have hazel eyes
[]You have brown eyes
[ ]You have grey eyes

[x]You weigh over 50kg
[ ]You weigh under 50kg

[]You have pale skin
[x]You have tan skin
[ ]You have dark skin

[]You have no piercings
[x]You have one piercing (I only wear earrings)
[ ]You have two piercings
[ ]You have three piercings
[ ]You have four piercings
[ ]You have five piercings
[ ]You have six or more piercings

I tag: @hortensie, @majkotka, @amberpolyvore, @bestdressx, @princessauden, @eliya-golan, @streetstyles-bydrakou, @lovisarx and whoever would like to do it! please tag me whether i tagged you or not, i would love to know more about you guys!

Have a nice Sunday!
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