This set is actually for a lot of things, a few contests and a quiz! This sets expresess autumn (fall, wherever you live) and the month I was born in (October!! Woop Woop!)

Now, for the Quiz:
tagged by @inkheartfanatic
- create a set and title it with lyrics from one of your favorite songs
-in that set use an item from this set
-take the 'this or that' survey by putting a * next to the ones you prefer.
Coffee- Tea*
Classy* - Casual
Heels - Flats*
LA - New York*
Shopping* - The Movies
Funny Guys -Really Romantic Guys*
The Hunger Games - Harry Potter* (Gah!)
Movies - books*
Disney* - Nickelodeon
Awesome Party - Awesome Date*
Tumblr* - Facebook
Pinterest - Facebook*
Toms* - Vans
Converse* - Ugg*
Hollister, A&F* - Charlotte Russe, Forever 21
Skinny guys* - Muscular guys
Paris - London*
Justin Beiber - One Direction*
Taylor Swift* - Demi Lovato
Logan Lerman* - Daniel Radcliffe
Selena Gomez - Miley Cyrus (Neither)
Zac Efron* - Robert Pattinson
Alex Pettyfer* - Taylor Lautner
Kim Khloe Kourtney - Kendall Kylie (Don't watch it)
Tyler Posey - Josh Hutcherson*
Rihanna* - Rita Ora 
Ryan Lochte - Tom Daley*
Lucy Hale - Ashley Benson (Don't know them)
Ariana Grande - Victoria Justice (Don't know them)
Blake Lively* - Vanessa Hudgens
Emma Stone* - Emma Watson* (ARGH! Both)
Drake - Eminem*
Jonas Brothers - One Direction* 
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