I will be in complete denial if anyone asked me whether have I ever thought of being a member of a certain girl group. I have and I did thought almost all. 

Here's my debut look if I was a member of 2NE1. During Lollipop which was actually a pre-debut look, the girls promoted with Big Bang and they donned this funky and colorful style which then became a huge trend in K-pop. 

My style will be a mix of my ultra combo. Turning a dark purple jumpsuit into pants and tie the orange shirt just around my waist with the alien top inside just to bring in some quirkiness. And those bright shoes, my Mom will say it's gawdy and I won't deny her because it is but when you're debuting with 2NE1, gawdy can become gorgeous, right? Of course, I'll spice up the look with more chunky and colorful jewelry.
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