"Smile," Lily Allen
(I love this song so much.)

5 DAYS ONLY UNTIL I SEE THEM. 5 DAYS UNTIL I SEE ONE DIRECTION. 5 DAYS UNTIL I MIGHT GET TO MEET @luxecouture AND @glitterinmyviens. 5 DAYS. It feels like there's no time left and I still have to make my poster and figure out what I'm going to throw on stage. Because I am definitely throwing something on stage because I heard sometimes they make the effort to actually see what it is. BUT YES. 5 DAYS.

Anyway, I love Daphne and she looks so pretty in red. She has the best street style and the best hair. It's so perfect and blonde.

I love this dress and this Chloe shoes! They're the perfect shade of bright red and so adorable. AND THE BAG IS TDF.

Anyway, I'm so tired of my summer camp and we're only two weeks in. It's an educational camp and we have to learn things like Math and Financial Independence and Science and I'm so tired of it because who wants to wake up early and go learn when it's summer? I'M TIRED.


Max Irons. He's beautiful and sometimes I actually ache looking at him, he's so perfect.

That is all.

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Wrote 4 years ago
amazing :)

Wrote 4 years ago
@the-clary-project CLARRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY AHHH HELLO HOW WAS PARIS HOW IS LIFE HOW ARE YOU and I agree she looks so pretty in red and her hair is so flawless and her eyeliner and just yeah CLARY HEY

Wrote 4 years ago
fave pics of daph ever

Wrote 4 years ago
@bestdressx Thank you lovely, <3333 And yes he does and hahahahaha I promise oh my gosh the things people throw on stage sometimes crack me up hahaha <3 thank you again!
@sky-rocketer OOHHH GURL YOU'RE A FREE CHICK NOW OH YESSSSS yay ugh it isn't but my crush goes there (PMing you da deets soon ok its juicy) MAXXXXXXXXXX he's my baby and husband and everything oh how I love him. OMG NO DON'T BE sdjafklaj;f;kljs


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United Colors of Polyvore

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would you like extra glitter in your tea?

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3rd place in group contest: Print Dresses!

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