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I'm so obsessed with chunky sweaters and shorts. facepalm.

Monday, July 30th, 2012: Since it's still summer vacation, take a road trip with some of your close friends or just some people you know that'd would make this a good time. It better be memorable because school starts up next week. Let's end summer with a bang. 

- -

"Excited for Japan?'' I asked Rini over Skype. It was the last week of summer and Rini and I were finally going to hang out and ride out our kawaii dreams. It would be a week full of interview on our blogs, shopping, oohs and ahhs, and jealous girls and hot boys. Perfect. "I'm already all packed, everything is sorted by colors, warm to cool, of course, and item," I gushed zipping up my lemon yellow Marc Jacobs suitcases. They were my favorite present from my recently divorced parents. They decided to split because my dad finally grew a d*ck and stopped taking my mom's whiny ways and married a young, hotter woman who acts like the sister I always wanted, which is sorta nice. That is, until, she gets it on with my father, ew.

"Is that even a question?" Rini laughed and applied more MAC lipgloss. She sat in a white wood chair in a bright pink room. Her walls were decked with small kawaii decorations and an abundance of photos of her friends, even me from when we were at camp last year. "I'm nearly done packing. I'm going to drive to the airport in half an hour and I should be at JFK at about noon," Rini gushed clapping her white lace-gloved hands.

"Good, good! We should be in Japan at two our time and like three their time," I said calculating the math in my head. A little headache sprung and I quickly downed an aspirin that I had with me for this exact occasion. Too much thinking was not my thing. 

"Perfect! See you then, biotch," Rini waved signing off.


"こんにちは!" A tiny Asian woman greeted us as Rini and I dragged our suitcases into the beautiful five-star hotel that we were given the pleasure of staying at. The people who were interviewing us for a new magazine had paid for all whole trip, even the plane rides. 

"こんにちは," Rini and I said with perfect pronouncing. The Japanese woman smiled and took our bags as we checked in. "その女性はとても愚かなクソです," Rini said and I laughed. The woman didn't look at us, but didn't seem to even notice. We took an elevator to our suite on the twentieth floor. I handed the bellhop that carried our suitcases five dollars and he smiled and bowed before walking off.

"This is nice," I observed looking around the hotel room. It was a very large, multi-room suite that was perfect for the two of us. There were two bed rooms and a nice kitchenette that attached to the living room and a white, porcelain bathroom that looked like something out of Marie Antoinette.

"It's not that bad," Rini laughed and collapsed on the bed. We were both exhausted. I smiled at sleeping Rini and walked into my room. Unpacking could wait until tomorrow. I laid down and yawned slightly. I marched into the bathroom because, unlike Rini, I didn't want my makeup giving me night breakouts. I washed my face feeling like all the stress of the upcoming school year was being washed away. After my face was clean and clear, I tied my hair into a messy knot bun and put my Hollister flannel shorts on (I know it wasn't my best buy, but they were cheap and nobody would have to see me in them) and plopped into the big comfy bed and slowly dozed up, dreaming of sweet bunnies and cute kawaii ribbons and candies.


"WAKE UP RIGHT NOW RINI CHAN," I yelled over her bed. I had gotten up two hours earlier and was already dressed and ready for the day. Something about insomnia mixed with early bird genes kept me up. "NOW NOW," I said as Rini grumbled some curses at me and rolled over, "if you didn't remember, we have shopping to do." I sauntered off picking up my glittery pink nail file, going at my annoying nails. I was in desperate need of a manicure. Rini would probably come and get hers touched up too.

"I'm awake and ready, bitchzilla," Rini said shooting me a glare about an hour later. I handed her a plate of eggs and set my dish in the sink. Rini looked great in a chunky sweater a bit like mine, frilly shorts, and a pair of converse. I smiled and brushed a lost piece of hair out of my face. 

"Good, be ready to go in ten minutes. It's noon if your forgot, dipsh*t," I said with a coy smile on my face. Rini trudged off and I scrolled through my phone. I had gotten seven messages since I checked my phone yesterday. Mom, Dad, Cam (twice), Naomi, Lux, and Mia. I guess since Rini would be a couple more minutes I had time to read my messages too.

How ironic, my parents had sent the same exact message:

'Love and miss you, have fun x'. 

For a divorced couple it was pretty creepy how alike they were. I guess the whole divorce thing was pretty weird anyway. Nobody in a million years expected /my/ parents to split up. They were pretty much the poster couple for happy marriage and always acted so lovey-dovey. I guess some people like that, but I thought the PDA overdose was gross.

Cam had messaged me about an hour ago which was normal because it was only an hour ahead in Australia. He was visiting with his parents for the summer and would then return to Boston so we could enjoy senior year together.

'Miss you, see you in a week. Australia's great. love you x'.

That was sweet I smiled and moved on to Mia's message. What did my ball of sunshine (sarcasm intended) sister want?

'have fun in japan, b*tch.'

Charming. I skipped over Naomi's message because I was a little mad at her and was ignoring her for the time being. Lux had written me a cute little message back about Japan after I wished her luck in Vegas. How nice.

"Let's go, we have to be back by four for the tv thing," Rini said. She added a pair of sunglasses and a pink bag to her outfit since our last encounter. I nodded and picked up my bag, following her out the door. "The streets of Japan are so busy," Rini commented while we walked down the streets looking at Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Wildfox Couture, and J Crew. We stopped at a couple of stores that seemed youthful and kawaii for Rini and sat down at a glass table with two cups of coffee. 

"Do you like this?" I asked, holding up a grey, cable-knit mini skirt I had picked up on sale at J Crew. Rini inspected the skirt and nodded her head slowly, seeming a bit unsure about it.

"It's okay, maybe if you sewed some pink details in to make it a little more...interesting," Rini suggested. I examined the skirt again and nodded. "It's not bad," she added, sipping her coffee before placing the skirt back in the bag lightly. "I think we should get our nails done, just relax, you know. We have, like, two hours left," Rini said with a small smile.

"Sounds great! My nails are an absolute f*cking mess," I admitted. We left a couple yens on the table and left. We hiked around until we found a nail salon about twenty minutes later. The people who worked there sat us down right away and got to work. Rini and I both had our faces plastered to our phones, updating out blogs.

About an hour later we were finished and walking through the stainless glass doors of the television studio where Rini and I'd be interviewed about our friendship and blogs. We were escorted to a dressing room where a ton of fussy Japanese women did our hair and makeup. I looked down at my phone and decided to read Naomi's message.

'hey have fun in japan. when u get back we're hanging out asap! txt me all the time! xoxo n'.

I shifted a little in my seat and tucked my phone away into my bag. The interview was in a couple minutes and Rini noticed my cringe and gave me a meaningful look. I shrugged and we both put on our best fake smiles and waved as we walked to our chairs. 

"Hello, hello! Today we have quite the treat. Please welcome American bloggers and sisters Marina Carlyle and Barbara Herron," the interview bellowed causing the crowd to bust into applause. The interview was a young, strange looking, Japanese man who wore rectangular glasses and spoke fluent English.
"Welcome girls!" He said sitting down. In the background, on a large monitor, the same interview was being shown in Japanese. "So, right to the questions. What made you want to be a blogger?" I took a sip of water and let Rini answer first.

"Well, I wanted to be a blogger because I love fashion and makeup and wanted to show the world what it was like," I said folding my hands in my lap. I glanced over at Rini. 'Sisters?' I mouthed. She snickered a little and shrugged.

"Where do you see yourself in five years? What about your blog?" The interviewer asked. I blinked. What? Five years? I can barely say what I'm going to do after I graduate. 

"Um, I see myself happy. Probably in college, still blogging and making videos. Um, I think that I'll also have a little apartment and will be living with a dog, my 'sister' (air quotes used), and boyfriend." I then quickly mouthed 'we won't live together' to Rini and she nodded and chuckled. 

"And finally, who are favorite bloggers?" The interviewer seemed slightly bored by my answers and seemed a bit impatient when I didn't respond right away.

"I really love Marina's blog, Kayture, and my friends' blogs. Loads of them have blogs so I like to read theirs," I said putting on my best kawaii smile. 

The interview nodded and gave me the WORST fake smile I've ever seen. "Thanks for being here, please come again soon!" He said before turning to the crowd. "Marina and Barbara!" He took a bow and we walked off stage. 

"That guy hated me," I said. Rini burst into laughter and took my arm. Together we walked out of the studio and started making our way back to the hotel. It was cool out, but still super bright and luminous from the flashing street lights everywhere. "The week is young. We still have lots to do," I said with a smile. Rini returned the smile and started skipping ahead of me. 

"Then let's go get hammered, yeah?" Rini suggested with a devious face. I smiled and nodded. Just because we were too young to drink didn't mean we wouldn't. We ran around town laughing hysterically until we found an upbeat club. 

"IDs?" The bouncer asked in Japanese. Rini and I handed him our fake IDs that worked in just about every country we'd been to, which was like almost every one. The bouncer looked up and nodded, handing us our fake IDs. I clapped and we went into the club and were instantly attracted to the infectious beat and young dancers. We hovered over to the bar and smiled at the bartender who handed us drinks.

"To the end of summer," I announced. Rini giggled and nodded smoothing out her sequined dress the people at the station had us wear. 

"Cheers!" Rini said. We clinked drinks and took sips of our swirly pink cocktails. Summer was great and nothing could make this day better. "Ooh! See him?" Rini giggled. I glanced over at the boy she was talking about and nodded approvingly. Scratch my last thought, it just got better. We were in Japan, we had new clothes, were on tv, and now, Rini might be able to be happy like me and Cam were. It's perfect. Kudos, Japan.

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Wrote 4 years ago
@deercat It was nice, I guess x
(sounds legit. I would like someone like Barbie either especially if she had issues with my sister)
@the-clary-project I'LL GOOGLE SOME OKAY? Okay.

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
Sounds like a fun vacation.
Don't come back-- Uh, I mean, hope you had a good time!
x Skylar
(oh btw I don't think I told you this but I don't think Barbie and Skylar would like each other since Barbie was accused of putting up the screenshots of Megs's tumblr haha but THIS STORY WAS AWESOME)

Wrote 4 years ago
@sophiaspastic maybe x b



we are lovely.

we are lovely.

"we are not what you think we are ,
we are lovely, we are lovely.
we are not what you think we are ,
we are lovely, we are lovely."

.... enough said. haha. submit all those lovely sets so we
can all breathe lovely & spread loveliness around
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