no event related, just wanted to write cause i miss this roleplay, and i'm tired of waiting when ideas are overflowing my brain! 

so here's another of the charlotte conrad adventures! [i don't know what happened to me. don't judge. please.]


Standing on the rooftop of the building made me feel inferior. Like I had the world in my palm, and it was up to me if it was going to get destroyed or spared. 
The sole thought that I am counted as one of the protectors of Gotham made me feel like I've finally achieved something in my life. Something that is a far cry from the ordinary and something that makes me sound so... intellectual. 
Holding my hands on my hips, I looked over the busy streets of Gotham. The people looked like ants from up here. Some were running, others were lazily passing each other. 
And there was me, creeping on them from one of the tallest buildings in the city. Looking over them with such, poise... and confidence. 
“If you're not careful you might fall...” a voice echoed behind me and I looked over my shoulder. 
“Oh.. it's you.” spotting Nightwing sporting his usual cocky grin made me lose the smile that was on my lips seconds ago. His dark hair was blown by the wind as he stood a few feet away from me. “What are you doing here?” I turned my head back to the streets, my voice monotone and uninterested. 
“Patrolling. Bats told me to keep an eye on you.” 
I flinched. /Bats/? As in Batman? I thought he didn't want to do anything with me and yet there he is, sending Wing-nut to keep an eye on me. 
“I don't need a babysitter.” I answered grumpily, crossing my hands over my chest a small pout appearing on my lips. 
“I told him the same thing.” Nightwiind appeared beside me. 
“And?” I glanced over at him. 
“And... he said if I'm not willing to be your babysitter, I should at least be your partner.” 
“If you haven't noticed, my name is Batgirl. /Bat-girl!/ Not Nightwing-girl or Night-girl or Girl-wing!” I snapped. “I should be Batman's partner, not yours!” 
I turned around, my cape blown by the wind. I stomped my way to the fire escape stairs ready to jump. 
“When you'll be ready, you will be.” his voice was unexpectedly calm. The Nightwing I met a few nights ago, would be going all ape on my He slowly walked over to me, a pleasant smile on his lips. “By then, you'll be my partner in crime.”
“But I don't want to be your partner in crime!” I threw my hands in the air, getting off of the ledge and onto the rooftop again. “You're annoying and bossy! And think I'm immature!” 
“You think I'm bad!?” and there he was, he finally snapped. “When you'll be done with me and patrolling with Batman, you will be begging for me to be your partner!” he pointed his finger at himself. 
“Why would I do that?” I pouted, crossing my arms. 
“Because with me, at least you'll have fun! Batman is all justice and no fun!” his voice was slightly louder than before. Why was he so pissed. 
“Is that the reason why you like to kiss his so much?” I cocked my head to the side. “Cause you like to have more fun?” 
Nightwing scoffed annoyed. “Forget it! You can do whatever you want!” he turned his back ready to leave. 
I stare at him for a moment, processing what he just told me. 
He offered me partnership. Okay. 
He is also an alley of Batman. Double okay. 
If he's an alley of Batman, he probably has access to all of those cool tech-thingies Batman owns. Triple okay. 
Also, I might eventually patrol with Batman if I agree to partner up with Wing-nut. 
That makes four okays. 
“Nightwing!” I yelled after him. 
“What!?” he looked at me over his shoulder, his fists clenching. 
“I accept.” 
“You accept what?” he smirked
“I accept your offer to become your partner in fighting crime.” I smiled. 
“You do?” he raised his eyebrow and started walking towards me. “Then, you will have to listen to me.”
“Wait... I thought we were equal. You know, partners.” I asked him, confused. 
“Yeah, but somebody’s gotta be the boss.” 
“I thought, Batman was the boss.” 
“But someone has to replace the boss when he is not here.” Nightwing was now standing close to me. Too close if you ask. So close, that I felt his breath on my face. And truth be told, I wasn’t very comfortable with it. I wasn’t comfortable with the fact that he was making /me/ uncomfortable. “So, did you understand? You will do what you’re told.” 
“Oh really?” I licked my lips. “Name a few examples.” 
“When I tell you stop, you will stop. When I say listen, you listen.” 
“When you say, bend over... I bend over?” I cocked my head to the side, obviously messing with his head. Nightwing blinked a few time, staring at me with a startled expression. His cheeks were a little bit flashed as his mouth was slightly opened. 
Batgirl one, Nightwing zero. 
“Ahm... well... I...” he tried to say something. 
“But your obviously not like that...” I slowly ran my fingers down his chest, smirking. “... you wouldn’t use your inferior power over me, right?” I looked at him innocently. 
“Uhm, of course not..” he cleared his throat, his voice high-pitched. 
“Because, if you wanted me to stop, you would tell me right?” I brought my face closer to his and whispered in his ear, tracing my fingers lower and lower, “Cause I’m only allowed to stop when you tell me...unless you don’t want me to stop..?” 
“Stop! Please stop! You can do what you like!” Nightwing started yelling like I was about to kill him. 
I pushed myself away from him, a smirk creating on my lips. “That’s what I thought Wing-nut.” I put my foot on the ledge, “See you around?” 
“Yeah... see ya.” He ran his hand through his thick black hair, his cheeks still flushed a little. 
I looked at him for the last time and jumped off the edge landing on one of the fire escape stairs. 
Batgirl two, Nightwing zero. 
“Wow, you look like s.hit.” Dick’s voice rang above me. For eight am in the morning it sounded quite cheerfully. Me? I wanted to strangle every single person that was happier than me. 
“What do you want Grayson?” I asked him, without removing my eyes from the paperwork I was given. “No, let me rephrase that, what are you doing here?” I was curious enough though, to at least glance up at him. 
Dick ran his fingers through his thick black hair, smirking. Unusually he was wearing at suit, while holding a bright tie in his right hand. 
“I want you to help me fix my tie...” he smiled innocently. “You were in such a hurry to go to work, I never got a chance to ask you.”
“Is that why you’re here?” I raised my head and eyebrow at him. 
“No. I also have some stupid meeting to attend. Bruce wants me to get involved.” He rolled his eyes annoyed. 
I got up from my chair and stood in front of him, grabbing the tie from his hand.
“What is this Grayson? A yellow tie?” I grinned. “You hypocrite! And there you are going on and on, of my yellow clothes!” 
“It’s only one tie, and I was in a hurry.” Dick tried defending himself. 
It didn’t work.
“Whatever, Grayson.” I rolled my eyes. 
“Why are you so grumpy?” 
“I barely got enough sleep last night.” I sighed. 
“As much as I know, you got home in the morning.” 
“As much as I know, when I got home in the morning, you weren’t even at home.” I finished tying up the tie, and glared at Dick. 
“How’d you know?” he raised his eyebrow.
“The usual mess in the living room wasn’t there.” I crossed my arms over my chest smirking. 
“You got me. I was at /friend’s/ house.” Dick turned his back on me.
A friend’s house? 
“Like I care where you spent your night.” I shrugged, sitting down on my chair and returning to the mountain of paperwork I was supposed to finish in three hours. 
“I know you don’t. That’s why I told you.” He grinned. “I’ll be in Bruce’s office if you need me.” 
“I don’t need you, please leave.” 
“Later Conrad.” 

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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
@hannahrox313 @anahelenaliveshere @sophiaspastic @abcdefuck thanks girls! :)
@oedipus thanks :) + i would love to collab, just say when. and you're right, this rp can't die! i love it too much! :3

Wrote 4 years ago
I was planning to write for lynx too! I just haven't found the time.
I should read your last stories since I don't know what's going on between Dick and her!
Loved this, btw.

Wrote 4 years ago
(love this so much!! + plus, i was going to write for rachel too. If you want we can collab! something random to don't let this rp die already :'))


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