12.01.12 3:15 PM 
Hello December! 
So my Zayn feels are like driving me crazy right now because I had a dream about him last night and now I just.. I can't even. Someone helpp meee. 
Anyways I hope you enjoy this set. I forgot to mention in my last set that I really love the Polyvore app for iPhone/iPod touch and I'm really glad they finally made an app for it. Also lately I've been getting so many sweet comments and messages, so thank you to those who take the time to do that. I can't believe a couple months ago I was freaking out about having 200,000 set views and now I have 100,000. It wasn't that long ago that I was excited about having 200 followers and now I have 500, and I'm already making my way up to 600. Thank you, I love this website so much, it lets my express myself the way I want, and those who are on here can understand it. Okay, I'm gonna stop blabbering now because I have to go and get ready to go to my friend's little sister's birthday party. I hope you all have an amazing weekend♥ xx
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