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friday the tenth: lady gaga is coming to town! well actually, no, she's headed to new haven, which is barely an hour's ride from here. whether you're a gaga fan or not, the concert will be held right outside the yale campus, so if you were ever looking for a gorgeous college boy to play with...

Lady Gaga had already made me deaf so I couldn't hear the song that she was currently singing but I could kind of feel the beat of it, sounded like Alejandro. I can't believe why I'm even here. Maybe because it's a Friday night and I'm bored to death or maybe because I've studied for every subject and my academic life is drab so it's time to spice up my social one.

Despite the fact that I abominate the singer, I heard myself mouth the words to the song, "Don't call my name, don't call my name..."

I guess those words could describe my /relationship/ with Kyle the Sloth. Not literally, you know what I mean. It's not like he's a /stalker/ or anything, but he is so annoying. He has the most energy that I've ever seen in a sloth and he's already figured me out even though I've only encountered him twice.

It's shocking how much he knows and though his behavior could fall under the category of "stalker" I can't call him that. He follows me everywhere... but I ... like it, sort of. I mean, I've always gotten the attention, but not this kind of attention, and I like it.

"Ale-ale-jandro, ale-ale-jand-ro." I mouthed. Waverly, Reed and Aspeth were around me but I had tuned them out. I took this "concert" as a thinking time. 

I need to do something to make Kyle not focus on me. I need to change something, but I don't know what.

"Echo! Echo! Echoooo! Echo!" I heard the faint sound of a familiar man's voice and when I turned around my face was jammed up against his, Guess who? Kyle.

Finally, when I was starting to sort of like him, he had to sneak up on me like that.

He grabbed my wrist. I tried to shake away. I said, "What do you want?"

"I want to show you something." he said, and I couldn't protest, I followed after him.

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