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Heyyyyy! I'm backkk. I've been so busy for the last two days. On Thursday I had a softball game after school (we won 20-0) and then I had a ton of homework. Today was a half day, and I had so much fun after school. During school though, I had to retake a math quiz and I got a 90 on it instead of the 80 I got before, which should boost my grade a little bit.

Anyway, after school my friend and I went over to this strip mall thing across from my school, and went to Starbucks and met some people there. Then they went to Subway and we went over to this holding school thing and stayed there for an hour until the group of people from before met up with us, and then we hung out with them for a while, and then went back to my house. Then we did our hair and makeup and did a mini photo-shoot thing in my backyard and on my street. The pictures look reallyyyyy good.

My mom tried to get me Ed Sheeran tickets today, like she even went on early and stuff but she didn't because a bunch of scalpers got them instead. Ughh. Oh well. I'll see him eventually.
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