the last week a girl who attend my same school commited suicide.
idk how should i feel. she was surrounded of fake friend. she was 14. every one was calling her whore. i saw her at school few times. she dropped herself from the 3rd floor. 
i am not sad for her. 
i didn't know her. 
but i see myself last year in her. i was pretty popular too, i didn't know who i really should call "bestfriend". and i have had problems but i didn't tell anyone. 
now, i changed.
but,still, i do not want do finish like her. she is important. idk what there is after the death, but if she can see or hear me, i want her to know she is important to me, even if we haven't know eachother. she made me making a decision: i want to go to the doctor. i really do want.

next week? idk,but defenitely as soon as possible I'll go to the doctor and I'll say everything.
I promise.

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Wrote three years ago
That's very nice of you to say:)) So are you:))♥

Wrote three years ago
@lisamichele-cdxci thank you, really.
You probabily already know,but your sets are awesome. Plus, you are such a great person♥♥

Wrote three years ago
So sorry to hear about the girl at school.... sometimes things seem more unbearable than they really are. It is a shame that kids are so mean to one another. If they just realized that there is enough of what ever they want for everyone. Maybe she is the example.... maybe you can change they way people in your school act towards one another. It only takes one brave person to start a change..... Just so you know.... everyone feels like this in their life..even the most popular girl....the prettiest girl.... the smart girl.... the loner girl.... everyone feels but does not act.... because they know deep inside that there is something better and they have hope.
Bless you sweetie!!♥

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