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Serena Daniels;

“I thought dad was meant to be gone a week.” I crossed my arms, as I leant against the doorframe in Sebastian’s office. Jason had let him come back after we’d talked but, well let’s just say no matter how hot he was I now had no desire to sleep with him.

“He was.” He looked up at me in annoyance though there was totally fondness there. He’d been less bitchy to me since I’d talked to Jason - because I was the reason he was back at work or because of the talking to I’d given him I wasn’t sure,

“But he’s not.” I pouted, like Sebastian didn’t know that. I think even he had noticed though.

“I’ve noticed,” He confirmed dryly.

“Well why not.” I walked forward and folded myself into the chair in front of his desk.

“I’m not his secretary Serena.” He huffed with a roll of his eyes, “He wasn’t meant to be gone a month and he has been.”

“I noticed.” I mimicked his comment from earlier, voice equally as dry as his had been.

“I don’t know when he’s coming back, Jason doesn’t know when he’s coming back and I haven’t spoken to dad in a few days.” Sebastian shrugged seemingly nonchalantly, the way he was shuffling some papers on his desk though totally betrayed him, he was as nervous as I was.

“Do you know anything?” I huffed, rolling my eyes and chewing on my bottom lip.

“I know you’re distracting me and I want you out.” He said, though mildly and without any bite really as he returned his attention to his computer screen.

“Fine, don’t say I can’t take a hint.” I turned on my heel and pranced out the room, only to bump into Jason in the hallway.

“Jason, hi.” I tried to smile charmingly and not let on how much he was freaking me out. Hopefully it worked because he just smiled in return.

“Ms. Daniels, hello.” He nodded and I would have let out a sigh of relief if that hadn’t been majorly conspicuous. The creepy the other day must have been a figment of my imagination. 

I continued to brush past him then, not looking back despite the strong urge to do so. I thought I caught a glance of him staring at me as I walked away in the glass walls that lined the corridor but I shook it off. It must be a figment of my imagination. Absolutely not true


“That guy over there looks like he wants to take you on the table.” Clarissa leant over her boyfriend John to whisper in my ear, clearly drunk off her head. Not a classy look.

“Everyone wants a piece of me.” I sniffed, flipping my hair and taking a sip of the fruity cocktail in front of me. Much classier than the terrible, strong whatever it was Clarissa and John were drinking.

“But this one is kinda creepy actually.” Clarissa seriously needed to learn how to whisper.

“He is.” John agreed solemnly, though totally drunk and I just really need classier people to associate with unlike these uncouth idiots, “But more like he wants to take you on the table and then stab you.”

“That’s a good comparison.” Clarissa nodded thoughtfully. Sometimes I thought getting my gorgeous face in the society pages wasn’t worth putting up with them.

Curiously however I looked up and froze in shock. It was Jason, Jason was leaning against the bar eyes me in a way that, excusing his crassness John was completely on point about. Catching my eye he winked at me in a totally obscene way and my heart sank into my throat. 

Excusing myself I made my way through the crowd to the bathroom, Clarissa and John probably not even noticing I was gone.

Doing the cliche nasty thing I swore I would never do I locked myself in the bathroom, which okay this was a high class place so it was pretty freaking clean but it was the thought that was nasty, and tried to prevent myself having a mental breakdown. He was here, and looking like he wanted to do nasty things to me and It was more than I could take. Not that I could ever admit that.

I had to get out, but I didn’t want to face Jason, have to even see him and John and Clarissa would be no help, if they hadn’t taken my absences as an opportunity to get in each other pants, excuse my crudeness, here and now.

And the way he was looking at me was freaking me out. For the first time in my life I had bitten off more than I could chew, I’d gotten myself in trouble and I didn’t know who I could turn to to help me fix this awful mess.

Pulling my phone out I scrolled endlessly through my contacts, there was no one there who could help me, that would help me, that wouldn’t judge me and yell and scream and hate me.

And then it stopped on his name and I paused because he’d judge me, he might not help me but he was my best bet.

I pressed the call button and held the phone to my ear, until a groggy voice picked up, “Hello. What do you want.” It snapped

“Hi Laykn.” I said, trying to sound like myself but failing, he drew in a sharp breath but didn’t say anything, “I think I might need your help.”

Melodramatic and weird but Serena is just that so I'm trying something different. @sarahstardom @gianna @chrissykinz
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