because he LISTENS to people
We've all told you so many times that we don't like the new layout. I personally have sent you about three or four times. Now text sets are being filtered. If you didn't want people to make text sets, why did you put it there in the first place?
In terms of listening to the members of your site, you're horrible at it. We've made petitions, we've sent many feedback messages. "We would love to hear from you."? Yeah, right. If you wanted to hear from us, you'd take our opinion into consideration. I've been on here for three years, and I've only sent feedback when I feel is necessary. This is extremely necessary. You're making the set completely boring. I also tried to get one of my friends to sign up for Polyvore- she said she wouldn't because it looked too confusing.
So your layout didn't do anything but upset eighty percent of Polyvore's active members.
But if you're that stubborn and refuse to change the layout, at least let us make text sets, please.
All these changes are just making this site worse and worse.

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